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11 Things To Do [1-11]

Gunkanjima Island

◎Rise and Fall, the Ruins that Recall Worker's Sprit at that time, Spotlighted Again as the World Heritage

◎The Landing Tour Enable to See and Hear the History and Feel the Appeal of Gunkan Island

Nabekammuri Park

◎An Observatory Commends The 3D Images Of One Million Dollars Night View

Yakimono (Ceramics) Park

◎World's Rare Kilns At A Ceramics Producing Town, Hasami

Mt. Inasa

◎One Of The Most Beautiful Night Views In The World. An Observatory For Shining Nagasaki City

Glover Garden

◎An Affluent Residential Street Where Some World Heritages and Important Cultural Properties are Built

◎The Old Glover's House that is the Important Cultural Property and Everyone Wants to Live in

◎The View from Glover Garden

Megane Bashi Bridege

◎The Oldest Arched Stone Bridge in Japan Looks a Glasses by Reflection

Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort

◎The Overwhelming Cruise Inclining Own Body Into the Cove of Kujukushima Island

◎The Image of the Ocean Queen, the Pearl Queen Cruises Luxury in Kujyuku Island

Sanno Shrine

◎I Can Say Only Wonderful! Two Huge Camphor Trees Keep Standing After Being Bombed


◎The Panoramic View of Kujyuku Island Formed By Countless Small Islands that the best view in Nagasaki

Aso Bay

◎The Sea Kayaking At The Saw Tooth Coastline With Over 100 Islands

Tsutsuzaki Cape

◎A Scenic Spot In Tsushima


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