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Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in nagasaki Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

5 Foods & Restaurants [1-5]

Kozanro Main Shop

◎The Extra Champon Noodle with Secret Rich Soup and Sumptuous Ingredients such as Shark Fin

Sasebo Burger Main Shop

◎The Special Sasebo Hamburger which Won the Second Prize of Kyusyu Gourmet Grand Prix and the Prime Minister Prize

◎The Special Sasebo Hamburger with Superb View of Kujukushima Island

Yossou Main Shop

◎Surprising the Size and the Taste of Original "Chawan-Mushi" Made from Keio Era


◎Traditional Chinese Food and Good Location Facing Nagasaki Harbor


◎The Specialty Turkish Rice like Mixing Some Cultures Served by the Oldest Cafe in Kyusyu


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