Things To Do In nagano

Special Things To Do to travel in nagano Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

11 Things To Do [1-11]

Matsumoto Castle

◎Everyone Thinks 'Beautiful'. The Night Cherry Blossoms At A National Treasure, Matsumoto Castle

Senjojiki Kar

◎Above The Clouds! Beautiful And Magnificent Kar Created By Glaciers

Karasawa Kar

◎Autumn Foliage Of Karasawa Kar You Can See For Only A Few Days In A Year

◎The Reason Why Alpinists & Photographers Head For Karasawa Kar! So Moving Morning Red


◎Like a Piece of Painting! The World of Blue and Yellow Covering Everything.

Round Tasting Of 5 Sake Breweries

◎5 Kinds Of Seasonal Sake Made In Suwa, Tasting By Your Own Glasses

Kurumayama Highlands

◎Autumn Is Best Season For Beautiful Sea Of Clouds & Rising Sun

A Mountain Pass, Shibu Toge

◎Like A Diorama! The View Of Autumn Mountain Surface Seen From A National Route Of Highest Location

Matsushiro Castle Remain (Kaizu Castle)

◎A Proud Place Of Cherry Blossom In Shinshu Region! 100 Trees Of Someiyoshino Surrounding A Castle Remain

Suzaka Art Park

◎As Many As 1000 Dolls! Very Impressive 'Hina Doll Display On 30 Steps'

Matsumoto City Museum of Art

◎Kusama Yayoi World Is Opening! A Showy Pop Art ' The Visionary Flowers'

ROKUZAN Art Museum

◎A Museum That Changes Its Expressions In Each Season


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