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Takamine Highlands

Stunning View Of 2000m Highlands You Can Access By Car

Takamime Highlands is a place to see the night view, Mt.Fuji and sea of clouds at the same time. Surrounded with Yatsugatake Mountains, Sakudaira area spreads under your eyes, and the sea of clouds appears above it. Beautiful mountain ridges and Mt.Fuji seen dimly, You can spend a moving time.

Komoro Castle Site, Kaikoen Garden

A Tasteful Castle Harmonizing With Nature

This castle has a long history since Japanese Heian Era, and now it's a people's oasis with rich nature. You can see the seasonal scenery such as cherry blossom in spring and colored leaves in autumn. Here's also good for castle-loving people for there're some castle features such as stone walls that has a history of Sengoku battles with Takeda Army.


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