Things To Do In kyoto

Special Things To Do to travel in kyoto Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.





59 Things To Do [1-24]

Greenery Of 600 Years History And 'Bamboo Temple' Jizo-in./Fresh Green Sight Becomes Autumn Colors! Wonderful Contrast Between Bamboo Grove & Autumn Foliage
The Sanctuary Tunnel 'Senbon Torii' Made of Thousands of Shrine Gates/Rare Type! Oinari-san's Rare Oracle That Tells By Three Letters
A Spiritual Power Spot Of Excellent Water Once Used For Sake/Vivid Gold Colors A Shrine. A Famous Place Of Japanese Rose
Faint Lights Floating On A Japanese Garden! Blue Flickering Illumination
Wish Upon 8000 Daruma Dolls! Setsubun Festival With Many Daruma/You Can Buy On Only Days Of Setsubun Festival! 'Specialty Daruma Yaki' With A Joyous Brand Of Daruma
Autumn In Kyoto. Must Visit 'Japanese Scarlet Maple Leaves Of Eikando'
A Blue Light Going Through The Sky/Kiyomizu Stage Harmonising With A Lighten Up Red Maple Leaves
Excellent With A Fivefold Pagoda! A Illuminated Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree/Highest Wooden Five Storied Pagoda Of 55meters High
A Spiritual Power Stone That Makes Your Wishes Come True & Tama-gaki As Benefactions From Celebrities/Early & Late Blooming Cherries! Various Kinds At A Former 'Cherry Blossom Shrine'
The 3 Best Sceneries in Japan, Amanohashidate as Hiryukan View
A Glass Tea House & A Panoramic View Of Kyoto City
Like A Paradise On Earth! A Cherry Blossom Garden Dyed Pink
As Many As 1 Million Flowers Of Japanese Iris! Gregarious Place Located Calmly In A Country Of Headspring
A Convent Where 'A Tragedy Heroine' Gio Moved In
Cherry Blossom Tunnel & Carpet With The Scenic Countryside Of Tamba Area
An Eve Of Gion Festival, One Of The Three Biggest Festivals In Japan/Main Event Of Gion Festival! Floats Strolling
First Floor Is A Port And The Second A House!? Funaya Houses Standing In A Line On Ine Bay
The Mountain '大' Of Daimon-ji Gozan Okuribi Is Nice For Hiking With A Superb View Of Kyoto
Old And Good Countryside In Kyoto! 'Thatched Village' Leaves The Original Scenery Of Japan
Bust Into Flames To The Spring Night Sky! 'Otaimatsu' Of Saga Shaka-do, One Of The 3 Biggest Flame Festival In Kyoto
The Illumination That Appears In A Movie At The Oldest Prefectural Botanical Gardens
Blooming Cherry Trees Welcome You! Randen's Special 'Cherry Blossom Tunnel'
Jellyfish Fans Shouldn't Miss! An Interactive Art Of Kyoto Aquarium/Dolphin Show In Kyoto Downtown! The Biggest Inland Aquarium
Sen Nichi Mairi (Visiting For 1000 Days)' Of Atago Shrine