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New Spot At Kyoto Station! A Food Hall You Can Eat The Tastes Of Popular Shops At One Time

It opened in April 2017 under the Kyoto Tower. Kyoto's popular restaurants get together at a food hall on the first basement floor. You can easily gather the foods of each shops and enjoy them.


Excellent Yuba You Pull Up By Yourself From A Big Earthenware Pot

You can enjoy a set meal made from the locally grown foodstuffs. Their yuba (a skin forming on the surface of the soybean milk) is very excellent. You should visit here when you came to Arashiyama.


Steak Bowl Won The Gold Prize Of All Japan Rice-bowl Grand Prix For Three Successive Years

It's not to much to say that the history of meat-bowl in Kyoto has started from here. You must miss this restaurant to speak about meat-bowl. Their prize record tells, soft, juicy and rare beef is super delicious and you may not mind if you have to wait in a line.

SNOOPY CHA-YA Kyoto, Nishiki

Feel Sorry To Eat? Cute Foods Of SNOOPY

SNOOPY CHA-YA, there're three shops in Japan, offers foods and sweets that have shapes of SNOOPY. Each shop has limited menu, and you can eat Shiromiso Soup and Bubuzuke Pasta at this Nishiki shop. It's full of Kyoto essence!

Oimatsu Arashiyama Store

Natsukanto that is Traditional Japanese and Rare Dessert, Never Forget if Eat Once

The dessert 'Natsukanto' is made from summer oranges that is very rare and specialty of Oimatsu. Never forget the refined sourness, strong floavor and springy.

The NEXT DOOR, lower east nine hostel

Five-storied Pagoda For Only You! A Café In A Hostel Where You Can See To-ji Temple

Anyone who is not a guest of this hostel can use this café at the 1st floor. But I recommend its rooftop. The terrace seats offer the whole view of a five-storied pagoda of To-ji Temple. You can enjoy tasty coffee and food in the open air.

Ayu Chaya Hirano-ya

Japanese Sweet 'Shinko' & Autumn Foliage At A Restaurant Continued For 400 years On The Foot Of Mt.Atago

Shinko' is made from rice flour and steamed in a traditional cooking stove. And its characteristic shape is derived from the winding path to the Atado Shrine. This chewy texture and sweet taste give the comfortable rest for the visitors. Even more, the autumn foliage seen from the restaurant is wonderful, the veranda is a special seats!

Mugesanbou Salon de Muge

First Rate At All! A Café Of KIKUNOI(菊乃井), A Representative Ryotei In Kyoto

This café, opened in April 2017, offers us the taste and mood of KIKUNOI casually. You can eat delicious sweets in the hospitality same as Ryotei and beautiful Japanese garden.

Gyoza Bar Takatsuji Sukemasa

Recognized By Gyoza Loving People In Kyoto. Japanese Taste Gyoza With Full Of Kyoto's Foodstuffs

Although Kyoto has a strong image of Washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine), Kyoto takes the third-place of Gyoza consumption and there are many shops in the city. Among them, Sukemasa is particular about foodstuffs and taste of Kyoto. And their Gyoza has delicious rich taste but also light like Japanese cuisine, that I'm convinced of the popularity with women.

Panda no Sampomichi

Feel Sorry To Eat? Mitarashi Dango Of Cute Panda

Well sold at handmade market, mitarashi dango (rice cakes with sweetened soy sauce) named 'Pan-dango'. This shop offers freshly grilled one on the original panda plate, which makes it cuter. Not only its cute looks, I recommend it because of the deliciousness.


A Cafe With Beautiful Cats Welcoming Us

It seems like just a nowadays cafe, but the three cats are popular and some customers come from other regions to see them. These beautiful cats who have appeared in a cover of magazine, are not so friendly but don’t go away. Such a character is also attractive! If you're lucky, they may be seated close to you.


A Lesser-known Place In Arashiyama, Kyoto! Desserts & A Beautiful Garden Facing To The Autumn Foliage

At the foot of Okusaga, Arashiyama, there's a lesser-known café standing calmly. Seasonal superb desserts in front of the beautiful autumn scenery of the vast garden once belonged to a Japanese traditional restaurant. You can have a so blissful and calm time that you may forget being in a busy tourist destination.


Oldest Specialty Shop Of Nama-fu! Fresh Fu-manju Like Japanese Sweets

Fu is often used for cuisine, but you can eat manju of nama-fu (low fu) here. Inside nama-fu, smooth grained azuki bean jam. It's fresh, chewy and delicious! I recommend you to eat it just in front of the shop.

Vermillion - cafe.

What A Cute♡ Cute Sweet With Torii Of Fushimi Inari

A café with refreshing greens, located by the approach of Fushimi Inari Shrine. The specialties are coffee popular in Kyoto and sweet with illustration of torii. You can feel easy by greens on its terrace. Here's a lesser known place with fewer people than the approach.

knot café

High Quality Sandwich Of Dashimaki Omelet Though Coffee Shop

It's opened as a knot of Kyoto and NY. They offer a coffee that you can drink only here, but what most ordered is nothing but Dashimaki Sandwich. Fluffy dashimaki is excellent with a bun baked by a popular bakery in Kyoto.

Secondhand Book & Café KOTOBA-no HAOTO

Cute Japanese Style Parfait You Can Eat In Kyoto

At this café, 'Nyanko (Kitty) Parfait' is famous, but I like this Maccha (Green Tea) Parfait. Rich maccha ice cream and azuki beans, you can enjoy much of Japanese taste. Then you find cute shiratama (sweet rice ball) hiding in it.


Trendy Fresh Breakfast Of Kyoto's Proud Boutique Hotel

Only breakfast is accepted without staying. You can enjoy a delicious main dish whichever you choose, and all of the vegetables that 'Sakano-tochu' (vegetable supplier) brings are very fresh and superb. Except for the main and smoothie, you can enjoy the all-you-can-eat offer!

Ayacha café

Ayabe Has The Root Of Uji-tea! A Café You Can Enjoy Ayabe Tea

People think a tea producing center in Kyoto is Uji, but in fact, Ayabe is a birthplace and skills born in Ayabe achieved complete success in Uji. You can enjoy quality Ayabe-tea even its leaves after drinking.

Kashi Kobo and Sweets Cafe KYOTO KEIZO

Must Eat In 10 Minutes!? '10min Mont Blanc' Becoming A Most Talked Topic

Though it looks an ordinary Mont Blanc, it's made of meringue almost all of it and has crunchy and fluffy feeling in mouth. Please eat it up in 10min before it lose its flavor and mouth feeling!


Surprising Display Of Italian Dishes In Kyoto Style

I was surprised many times because they worked out elaborately the plates, display, and how to serve the dishes, and full of creativities.


Sushi Of Kyoto Dishes! Cute 'Teori Zushi'

Teori Zushi' has dishes of Kyoto foodstuffs and tempura, and it's so beautiful, cute, fashionable that I feel pity for eating. In a comfortable restaurant, it would be unique and interesting for you to roll it by yourselves.

Jikasei-men Arashiyama-tei

Kyoto Yuba Udon Noodle At A Restaurant Near Togetsu-kyo Bridge

At the foot of Togetsu-kyo Bridge, the originally made udon noodle we eat in front of Arashiyama scenery is superb! Among the menu, 'Yuba Udon' with a big yuba (made from soybean milk) I recommend! Feel Kyoto into this Kyoto style udon noodle with tasty soup, thin and soft noodle.

Demachi Futaba

I Want To Eat Even If I Need To Stand In A Line! Very Delicious Mame-mochi Of Kyoto

Demachi Futaba is most famous as to Mame-mochi in Kyoto! Lots of koshi-an and red peas wrapped in mochi, 'Meidai Mame-mochi' is very delicious for its good balances of softness of mochi, sweetness of an and salty peas! It's well-received as Kyoto souvenir and people always make a line in front of the shop.


Picturesque Everywhere♡ 'Pump Hut' With Many Flowers & Antiques

It's a flower shop cafe renovated from a pump hut that was used by the water department. In a room surrounded with flowers, I feel love in the food and sweet made from the heart. You can certainly have a great tea time here.

Umezono Kiyomizu Store

Mitarashi Dango and Warabi Mochi

The sweet shop is at Sannen zaka slope which leads to Kiyomizu temple. The Mitarashi dango (a dumpling covered with kuzu sauce seasoned with soy sauce and sugar) is good for people tired from walking on the slope. Because it is not big, I can eat 5 sticks. And a fresh warm one is exceptional.


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