Things To Do In kochi

Special Things To Do to travel in kochi Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.





22 Things To Do [1-22]

Yasui Valley
The Hiryu Falls in Breathtaking Beautiful Green World/Miracle Water Quality and One of the Best in Japan
Monet's Garden Marmottan In Kitagawa Village
Wisteria Makes It More Beautiful. Only One 'Monet's Garden' Allowed To Use The Name In The World
The Emerald Waterfall Basin Of A Most Beautiful Niyodo River/Exact A Spectacular Scenery Of Blue! A Mysterious Basin
The Largest Scale In Japan! Very Powerful Sea Cave Standing At A Point
Iwama Chinka-bashi Bridge
A Scenic Subsiding Bridge Crosses The Japan's Last Clear Stream
Kashiwa-jima Bathing Beach
Swim In The Kashiwa Blue! A Paradise At The Remotest Place In Shikoku
Kan'non Stone
Unbelievable Natural Beatty Of Kan'non Stone
Shikoku Karst Tengu Kogen Highlands
Grand View Of The Highest Karst In Japan
One Of The Three Biggest Limestone Caves In Japan! Beautiful Objects That You Never Think They Were Made Naturally
Kochi Organic Market
Saturday Market In Kochi! Japan's First Organic Market
Muroto Geo Park
The Alternate Layer Turbidite From Which You Can Feel The Earth Power/A Special Natural Treasure Ficus Whose Roots Stretches Around The Earth Powerfully
Ioki-do Cave
Overwhelming Green World! Gregarious Ferns Designated As A National Treasure
O'odou-yama Observatory
Scenic Observatory For A Panoramic View Of A Paradise At The Tip Of Shikoku
Ashizuri Misaki Point Observatory
Michelin Green Guide ☆☆ Strong But Beautiful Place Of The Southernmost In Shikoku
Shikoku Karst Godan Kogen Highlands
The Most Scenic Spot In Shikoku Karst
Shin Kashiwa-jima Ohashi & Kashiwa-jima Bashi
Two Photogenic Bridges Across The Paradise At The Tip Of Shikoku
Kochi Castle
A Perfectly Remaind Castle Keep That Is Only One In Japan/A Statue Of Taisuke Itagaki, A Father Of The Democratic Movement
Wadatsumi Shrine
A Red Point In The Blue Sky, A Shrine Built On A Cape
Katsurahama Beach
A Romantic Beach
Hayataka Shrine
The Beautiful Pacific Oscan Seen From Hayataka Shrine
Toden Streetcar
A Tasteful Streetcar With The Oldest History In Japan
Ryoma Sakamoto Statue
An Imposing Statue Of Ryoma Sakamoto Gazing At The Ocean

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