Things To Do In kochi

Special Things To Do to travel in kochi Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

22 Things To Do [1-22]

Yasui Valley

◎The Hiryu Falls in Breathtaking Beautiful Green World

◎Miracle Water Quality and One of the Best in Japan

◎Syouryu-no-Taki, A Waterfall of Rising Dragon, Unknown to the Outside World

Monet's Garden Marmottan In Kitagawa Village

◎Wisteria Makes It More Beautiful. Only One 'Monet's Garden' Allowed To Use The Name In The World

Muroto Geopark

◎A Mysterious Tree At Muroto Geopark You Can Enjoy The Earth

◎The Nature's Art 'Turbidite' That Once In The Seafloor

◎The Alternate Layer Turbidite From Which You Can Feel The Earth Power


◎The Emerald Waterfall Basin Of A Most Beautiful Niyodo River

◎Exact A Spectacular Scenery Of Blue! A Mysterious Basin


◎The Largest Scale In Japan! Very Powerful Sea Cave Standing At A Point

Iwama Chinka-bashi Bridge

◎A Scenic Subsiding Bridge Crosses The Japan's Last Clear Stream

Kashiwa-jima Bathing Beach

◎Swim In The Kashiwa Blue! A Paradise At The Remotest Place In Shikoku

Kan'non Stone

◎Unbelievable Natural Beatty Of Kan'non Stone

Shikoku Karst Tengu Kogen Highlands

◎Grand View Of The Highest Karst In Japan


◎One Of The Three Biggest Limestone Caves In Japan! Beautiful Objects That You Never Think They Were Made Naturally

Kochi Organic Market

◎Saturday Market In Kochi! Japan's First Organic Market

Ioki-do Cave

◎Overwhelming Green World! Gregarious Ferns Designated As A National Treasure

O'odou-yama Observatory

◎Scenic Observatory For A Panoramic View Of A Paradise At The Tip Of Shikoku

Ashizuri Misaki Point Observatory

◎Michelin Green Guide ☆☆ Strong But Beautiful Place Of The Southernmost In Shikoku

Shikoku Karst Godan Kogen Highlands

◎The Most Scenic Spot In Shikoku Karst

Shin Kashiwa-jima Ohashi & Kashiwa-jima Bashi

◎Two Photogenic Bridges Across The Paradise At The Tip Of Shikoku

Kochi Castle

◎A Perfectly Remaind Castle Keep That Is Only One In Japan

◎A Statue Of Taisuke Itagaki, A Father Of The Democratic Movement

◎A Fine View Of Kochi Town From A Donjon

Wadatsumi Shrine

◎A Red Point In The Blue Sky, A Shrine Built On A Cape

Katsurahama Beach

◎A Romantic Beach

Hayataka Shrine

◎The Beautiful Pacific Oscan Seen From Hayataka Shrine

Toden Streetcar

◎A Tasteful Streetcar With The Oldest History In Japan

Ryoma Sakamoto Statue

◎An Imposing Statue Of Ryoma Sakamoto Gazing At The Ocean


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