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I was impressed by the energetic landscape of the Pacific and will never forget it.


I recommend taking a bath in the morning and see the scenery from a bathtub. But please be carful, there is a walker's path of a quasi-national park in front of you.


Why don't you go to bed with curtains opened. A wonderful morning you can wake up and feel the great nature's waking on your whole body. It's hard for you to have such a refreshing morning.


They put 'living in the sea' as a concept, and a design such as marine pattern interiors is nice.


I want to take a pride the nice ocean view library!! A interior based on white and the Pacific Ocean spreading on the whole surface. You can enjoy a reading time slowly with your favorite books before dinner.


The Pacific Ocean of Muroto Point has different faces at every moment. You can make yourself at home and enjoy such a scenery to your heart content. A superlative relaxing room, a typhoon terrace is worth boasting of in Kochi.


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