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Hatsune is a long established restaurant for Kama-meshi. Kimme's (alfonsino) good flavors spreads whole of the rice, and the flesh has plenty of fat. Even more, this set meal has also a delicious 'Nitsuke', poached with soy sauce.


For a breakfast, in addition to the main dish, you could enjoy the buffet of vegetables and fruits grown mainly in Kochi. A salt also cannot see except in Muroto, a rare salt of deep sea water. They made me feel happy from the morning.


A non alcohol cocktail made of the deep sea water of Muroto Point and yuzu citron. The water contains full of minerals to be good for health. The deep sea water in Muroto is very well known, so you must try this cocktail.


Grilled without hastle in the oven to make surface crisp and whole of it soft in good degree. And finish with mustard as a spice to become a very delicious tariata.


A soup with crisp feeling in your mouth. The locally grown whole tomato is used, and it blooms like a flower as soon as you put a fork in.


Konatsu is a citron grown in Kochi. It's nice for an aperitif having refreshing sourness. This cocktail makes a good picture with the sunset as a background.


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