Things To Do In kochi-shi#Architecture

Special Things To Do characterized by Architecture to travel in kochi-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


3 Things To Do [1-3]

Kochi Castle

A Fine View Of Kochi Town From A Donjon

There're many exhibitions on each floor, and you can get the fine view of Kochi town from the castle top.

Wadatsumi Shrine

A Red Point In The Blue Sky, A Shrine Built On A Cape

A shrine for the maritime safe and love achievement. When you visit Katsurahama beach, stop here, too.

Ryoma Sakamoto Statue

An Imposing Statue Of Ryoma Sakamoto Gazing At The Ocean

13.5m statue of Ryoma Sakamoto is on the small hill top. He's a famous and popular great man born in Kochi. The Pacific Ocean looks very beautiful from here.



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