Hotels & Ryokan In kochi

Special Hotels & Ryokan to travel in kochi Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Villa Santorini

A Moving Sunrise Letting Us Shed Tears Naturally

The moving scenery makes me wonder how many times I can see such a beautiful sunrise in my life. Winter season, the location of a cliff, and a foreign atmosphere, many factors make the encounter with the beautiful sunrise.

Santorini's Traditional Archect, Guest Room Like A Cave

Santorini's archetect is traditionally hollowed out a cliff. A guest room repuroduce the traditional archetect with fidelity is decorated with original interior to be a fashonable room.

Hoshino Resorts Utoco

A Superlative Relaxing! A Typhoon Terrace Facing The Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean of Muroto Point has different faces at every moment. You can make yourself at home and enjoy such a scenery to your heart content. A superlative relaxing room, a typhoon terrace is worth boasting of in Kochi.

A "Typhoon Terrace" in the Early-Morning

I was impressed by the energetic landscape of the Pacific and will never forget it.

Tosa Royal Hotel

Only One in Japan! Muroto Deep Sea Water Hot Spring in the Air

The deep sea water at a depth of over 200m is now noticed because of the quality and containing the rich minerals. You can take the hot spring of the water with such a hidden power.

The Ocean View From a Silent Room

You can see the large panorama of the Pacific Ocean from the silent room only hearing a chirping of insects comfortably. So, You can have comfortable and calm time in the resort hotel.

Auberge Tosayama

Aesthetic Of Doing Nothing. An Auberge Hiding Into An Unexplored Region, Tosayama In Kochi

About 30 minutes by car from Kochi city, there's an auberge at an unknown place, Tosayama. Over a suspension bridge from the main building, there's a villa as a suite room you can feel the warmth of wood and the nature. Without TV nor anything, you can experience the aesthetic of doing nothing and stay away from the bustle.

You Can't Get Out Once You Experience The Superb Stay At Tosayama

An auberge at Tosayama, an inner mountain in Kochi. Do nothing, but spend Tosayama-time. We feel relaxed with the warmth of firewood and the murmur of a stream, and it's happy to spend a time with books and music each in our own way. Their cuisine is also nice, and we enjoyed the perfect stay in Tosayama.