Foods & Restaurants In kochi

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in kochi Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.




16 Foods & Restaurants [1-16]

Restaurant Yuzuan
Kochi's No.1 Avant-Garde Restaurant/Kochi Breed of Chicken "Tosa Jiro" Omelet and Whale Meat Cutlet
Blissful Time. A Special 'Shio-tataki Of Bonito' With Such A Superb View In Front Of My Eyes/Look Carefully! A Surprising Restaurant Extended Into The Pacific Ocean
Imadoki Yasube
A Major Gourmet Power, Kochi. Must Not Miss The Specialty Gyoza At A Stall
Enjoy Highest Grade Wagyu! Sukiyaki Of 'Tosa Aka-ushi'/All Kinds Of Delicacies Of Kochi! A Long Established Inn's Set Meal 'Komyo Gozen'
A Sky Restaurant At 1400m Highlands Overlooking The Mountains/Kochi's Specialties At A Restaurant In The Sky
Tosaichiba Zushi
Bonito Grilled with Straws By Yourself
You Must Not Mistake! First Rate Kochi's Omotenashi Gourmet
Tosa's Dynamic Fisherman's Dish, Grilled Hagatsuo (a Kind of Bonito) Set Meal/A Rare Appetizer, Deep Fried Tuna's Organs
Kama-meshi HATSUNE
So Plump! 'Kimme Kama-meshi' Of Muroto's Expensive Fish Alfonsino
Ozeki Yasuikeikoku-Store
A Queen of a Mountain Stream, Amego Sushi/Having a Crab's Sweet and Soft Flavor, Specialty Tsugani Udon
A Rich Hamburg Made From Rare Wagyu, Tosa Aka-ushi Beef/Bonito Slightly Grilled With Only Rice Straws
Yuzu mou-ippai yogurt
Yogurt Topped With Rich Jelly Of Yuzu, A Citron/A Yourgrut With Rich Yuzu Jelly And Pulp
The Blessings Of Japan's Clearest River 'Shimanto'
Bonne Peche
Sirloin Tariata Of Beef With Mustard Sauce/A Deep Sea Water With Yuzu Citron Which You Can't Drink Except In Muroto
Manger Sasa Takasone-Store
Famous Kochi's Citrus Fruit "Buntan" Used For A Sweet Gratin/A Shop Loving Kochi The Most In Japan
Sunday Market Imoten
A Crispy Sweet Potato Tempura that You Never Eat without Forming a Line

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