Top Things To Do In agawa-gun

Special Things To Do to travel in agawa-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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The Emerald Waterfall Basin Of A Most Beautiful Niyodo River

A waterfall basin 'Niko-buchi' belongs to the branch of Niyodo River whose water quality is the most beautiful in Japan. The very clear water like emerald is called Niyodo Blue, and here is a popular place to see it. Though the path is severe, you can meet the mysterious scenery!

Yasui Valley

The Hiryu Falls in Breathtaking Beautiful Green World

It's the best view spot in Yasui valley. You can visit here more easily than others and the way to the falls is beautiful and full of minus ions.

Gourd Cherry Blossom (Hyotan Zakura)

500 Years Old Tree! The Beauty Of 'Gourd Cherry Blossom' Watching The Town

The old Edohigan Zakura at Niyodogawa town is called 'Gourd (Hyotan) Cherry Blossom'. It's named because the bud looks like gourd. I wander this cherry tree has watched this town for as long as 500 years… It was a great scenery of such cherry blossom and town!

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