Special Things To Do In agawa-gun

Special places to travel in agawa-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Tips By Travelers and Locals


It's the best view spot in Yasui valley. You can visit here more easily than others and the way to the falls is beautiful and full of minus ions.


Niyodo River running in Kochi has won the first prize of the clearest water in Japan many times. For the blueness of water, it's called 'Niyodo blue' in recent years and 'Niko pool' is a representative spot of Niyodo blue.


This limpid stream is one of the clearest water in Japan. It is the beautiful nature enough to be fascinated.


It is plump to a good degree. They stock amego grown in the specific clear stream and dress it after taking an order. So it's specially fresh. The restaurant is nice atmosphere in Yasui Vally.


It's 15 minutes walk up the mountain. It would be a like climbing. The beautiful waterfall and healing air full of minus ions. The waterfall is usually a one stream but if you can see two, a happiness may come to you!


Tsugani Udon is the local specialty in Kouchi. Tsugani is a crab living in a clear stream. Its soup is full of crab extracts and soft meat.