Things To Do In kanagawa

Special Things To Do to travel in kanagawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

44 Things To Do [1-30]

Kurihama Hana no Kuni

◎Fantastic Power And Popularity! Godzilla Loved In Yokosuka

Otawatsutsuji Hill

◎Fifty Thousand Azaleas Spreading All Over The Hill


◎300years Old House Of Thatched And Hipped Roof Standing In The Ashigara Plain. And A Scene Of A Water Wheel

◎7000 Hanging Hina Dolls & 300 Yeas Old Ones. 'Hina Matsuri' At Seto-yashiki House

Hakone Shrine

◎Famous Spiritual Power Spot In Kanto Region! Mysterious Torii Gate On the Lake

Yushin Valley

◎Unknown Superb View Of Kurokura Upriver! A Clear Stream Of 'Yuushin Blue'

Odawara Castle

◎After 'Great Repairs In Heisei Era', The New Donjon As A Symbol Of Castle Town Odawara

Zuiun-ji Temple Rikifudouson

◎Strongest Spiritual Power! A Temple On The Trough Fault, A Gathering Spot Of 4 Big Plates On Earth

Miura Seashore Kazazu-zakura Festival

◎Spring Has Come In Miura Peninsula! Collaboration Of Kawazu-zakura & A Stylish Keikyu Train

Yokosuka Irises Park

◎412 Kinds And 140 Thousand Sweet Flags In Full Bloom

Jogashima Island

◎The Biggest Island Of Kanagawa! Untouched Nature Glowing In The Setting Sun

◎Sea And Sky Only. Two Michelin Starred Joga-shima Island

Matsuda Yama Herb Garden (Nishihirabatake Park)

◎Illumination At Ashigara Plain Is Like A Glittering Jewelry Box

Yuigahama Beach

◎Shonan Before Swimming Summer. Heaven For Surfers

Hase-dera Temple

◎A Healing Jizo Image Standing Calmly In The Garden With Seasonal Flowers & Trees


◎The Volcanic Smoke Is Just Over There! A Spring 'Shinsen-no Yu' With The Strongest Sacred Power


◎Arasaki Seashore Enveloped In The Blue World

Yokohama Red Bricks Warehouse

◎Black Of 100 Year Tiles & Red Of Bricks. Warehouses With Beautiful Contrast Of History At A Port Of Yokohama

Kaisei Ajisai no Sato

◎500 Hydrangea Trees Surrounding The Rural Districts

Hakone Tozan Train

◎Nearly Touch From The Window!   A Mountain Climbing Train Goes Through Ten Thousand Hydrangeas.

Itsukushima Sissei Park 'Akari-no Saiten' Festival

◎Itsukushima Shrine On The Damp Ground. 2500 Lanterns Lighten The Fantastic Night

Hakone Sengokuhara Pampas Grass Prairie

◎Autumn In Hakone. A Prairie With Trembling Golden Pampas Grass

Hakone Venetian Glass Museum

◎Shining Crystals & Playing Canzone! The Garden You Can Feel Venezia


◎A Temple Of Hydrangeas

Kamakura Kouko-mae Station, Enoshima Electric Railway

◎A Seafront Station Of Enoden. A Retro Flavor And A Leisurely Scene


◎Come Into A Fairy Tale World!? A Garden With 1700 Kinds Of Roses

Kawasaki Industrial Area Night View

◎Impressive Night View Of Huge Industrial Area

Ikuta Ryokuchi Park

◎You Can Enjoy Roses And Beautiful Scenery For Free! The Nature Environment In A Metropolitan City

Nihon Odori Avenue

◎Beautiful Townscape Of Japan's First European Style Avenue


◎Very Excited! The Observation Party To Learn The Space By A Company Making The Latest Experimental Devices

Odawarajyoshi Park

◎1m Flower Bunch. A Wisteria Trellis You Look Up In Spite Of Yourself In The Odawara Castle Park

The Hakone Open Air Museum

◎Open Air Museum Where Hakone Mountain & Art Works Fuse Together


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