Special Foods & Restaurants In kanagawa

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in kanagawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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15 Foods & Restaurants In kanagawa [1-10]

    • Super Yummy! 'Beef Cutlet Curry' Of A Famous Curry Restaurant In Shonan

    • Somehow, Misaki Doughnuts Making Me Feel Relieved

    • MacArthur Ate! A Historical Taste Of ' Spaghetti Neapolitan' At A Long-established Hotel As Its Birthplace

    • Don't Miss Here In Hayama! A Long Established Japanese Restaurant That Appears In A Song 'Kamakura Monogatari' Of SAS

    • Ricotta Pancake You can Eat In front of the Ocean

    • A Famous Restaurant At The Place Of 'Kanazawa Eight Scenery'. Superb 'Japanese Eel' Respected By Many Celebrities

    • Bite Into A Cannon!? Dynamic & Delicious 'Kannonzaki Battery Curry'

    • Livening Up The Town By Proud Kamaboko! Odawara Oden You Can Taste The Local Deliciousness

    • Handmade Tree House Café Like A Secret Base

    • Hakone Sweets Of Marriage With Champagne At A Museum Café


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