Things To Do In takamatsu-shi#Architecture

Special Things To Do characterized by Architecture to travel in takamatsu-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


7 Things To Do [1-7]


The World's First Glass Lighthouse that is a Romantic Symbol of Takamatsu

The world's first glass lighthouse is called 'Red Lighthouse'. It maintains sea transportation and is a romantic symbol of Takamatsu.

Ogi Port

The Scenery Of People Going To & Fro And A Shadow Art Changing Every Moment

This glass architecture is an exchange center and an information desk at Ogi Port. Various letters form the roof, and its shadow changes every moment to create the beautiful scenery of Ogi Island.


Damonte & Co. Making A Must Beverage And Homemade Food For Your Blissful Reading Time

Much to my surprise, this nice open-air café in front of the library was built by the owner himself and islanders. They provide a hell of a must beverage for a slow reading time in an island. Also alcoholic liquors.

Good Reading Time In Ogi Island. A Library Remodeled From An Old Japanese House

At Ogi, an isolated island of Takamatsu, a nongovernmental library was born. Holding a coffee in one hand, feel breeze in the island and enjoy the reading time passing slow. Here's a gathering place for islanders, and also people from outside can become familiar easily with this nice place.

Ogijima Lighthouse

Ogi Island Lighthouse, One Of The 50 Best Lighthouses In Japan

Ogi-jima Island Lighthouse is unpainted and made from high quality 'Aji Stone' mined in Kagawa. It's selected as one of the 50 best lighthouses in Japan. The beautiful Seto Inland Sea makes the symbol of Ogi Island more attractive.

Onigashima Cave

A Legendary Cave Famous For A Fairy Tale 'Momotaro'

A large cave in Magi Island called Oniga-shima (island of ogre). In the large cave like a maze, there are various ogres and art works. A legendary and mysterious cave is an attractive sightseeing spot.

Ogre's Images Show Their Life

I don't feel them afraid but something charming. It explains how they had live in this island.

Kitahama Alley

The Young's Culture Created From A Retro Warehouse Street

Coffee shops, variety shops, a beauty salon, arts and incentive things there are! Why don't you experience the young energy given from the warehouse street?

Megijima Island

Ote' A Stone Fence Preventing Winds Seen Particularly In Megi Island

As soon as you arrive at Megi Island, you find the scenery of the stone fences.