Things To Do In takamatsu-shi#Architecture

Special Things To Do characterized by Architecture to travel in takamatsu-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

7 Things To Do [1-7]

The World's First Glass Lighthouse that is a Romantic Symbol of Takamatsu
The Scenery Of People Going To & Fro And A Shadow Art Changing Every Moment
Damonte & Co. Making A Must Beverage And Homemade Food For Your Blissful Reading Time/Good Reading Time In Ogi Island. A Library Remodeled From An Old Japanese House
Ogi Island Lighthouse, One Of The 50 Best Lighthouses In Japan
The Young's Culture Created From A Retro Warehouse Street
A Legendary Cave Famous For A Fairy Tale 'Momotaro'/Three Thousand Of Oni Gawara Tiles
Ote' A Stone Fence Preventing Winds Seen Particularly In Megi Island