Foods & Restaurants In takamatsu-shi#ryotei

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by ryotei to travel in takamatsu-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


6 Foods & Restaurants [1-6]


In A Scenic Beauty, Lunch In A Box Cooked By A Japanese Restaurant Nicho

You can heve lunch in a box only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at Higurashi-tei, a Japanese tea room in Ritsurin Garden. It would be special lunch time eating in front of the historical garden covered with moss.

Ryotei Nicho

A Representative Of Ryotei In Sanuki. Dishes Staying With You As A Good Memory

Started 1946 in Showa era, a formal traditional Japanese restaurant, Ryotei Nicho. Seafood grown in Setouchi and local food must become your good memory.

Sanuki Specialties In A Wonderful Building As A Registration Tangible Cultural Property

A famous Japanese style restaurant 'Nicho' is a registration tangible cultural property and you can taste Sanuki specialties in a historical room.


The Old Tempura Restaurant Established in 1948

Cover is crunchy and foodstuffs are soft. If you eat it at once, you'll never forget.


All Dishes Satisfying Men And Women Of All Ages

They have many kinds of dishes that can satisfy even people don't drink alcohols. Seafood of course, I like a grilled lamb with pepper leaf bud, too. I admire that they use plates of Sanuki's traditional craft products.

Sawara-no Shio Tataki, Lightly Roasted Spanish Mackerel With Salt

A fresh Spanish mackerel grown in Setouchi. The in-season fish tasted light and very delicious with savory small.

Washokuya Nicho

A Chain Restaurant of High Class Japanese Ryotei. Enjoyable Casually

Japanese High Class Restaurant, Ryotei Nicyou is well known in Kagawa. Wasyoku-ya Nicyou is its chain changed into casual.

Nihonryori Seto

Genuine Kyoto Style Courses of Tastes in Season

Selected foodstuffs and chefs create this Kaiseki, a Japanese style courses. You can taste delicious seafood caught in Setouchi by each dish.