Foods & Restaurants In takamatsu-shi#izakaya

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by izakaya to travel in takamatsu-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


6 Foods & Restaurants [1-6]


Grilled Oysters the Local Specialty of Awa Island

Awa Island is famous for oyster culture. In this restaurant, you can grill the oysters rich of minerals on the hot plate everyone have a seat around.

The Plenty of Oysters Grown in Kagawa. The Complete Oyster Dishes

Grilled oysters are the main, gratin, rice boiled with oysters, and so on. The Oyster dishes rich in variety are the attractive.


A Delicacy Of Setouchi, Stewed And Seasoned Japanese Ivory Shells

It seasoned by mainly soy sauce to be excellent with sake, a superb delicacy of Setouchi. Try it out!

Aji no Ki

A Beautiful Washoku Cooked By A Chef Having a Brilliant Career

A chef is attracted by foodstuff grown in Setouchi and creates beautiful washoku. I could feel special to be able to eat many kinds of seafood.

A Chef's Special Assorted Sashimi Of A Filefish

This is a synonym of Ajinoki. Its deliciousness is beyond description!!


A Small Restaurant Serving Beautiful Setouchi Seafood

Of course delicious, and many beautiful small dishes express the unique Kasahara's world.


Kagawa's New Local Specialty, a Still Rare Sanuki Salmon

These days, Sanuki salmon cultivated in Seto Inland Sea becomes notable. The amount of production is increasing, but there are few restaurants provide it. Here they serve the salmon with salad.


Sanuki Pork Shabu-shabu

This restaurant is proud of a locally grown pork. They prepare specially made sauce, vinegar with say sauce and sesame sauce.

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