Foods & Restaurants In takamatsu-shi#cafe

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by cafe to travel in takamatsu-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

8 Foods & Restaurants [1-8]

Tangible Cultural Property Renovated Tastefully! And Sandwich With Delicious Buns
Owner's Bread Baking Hobby Had Become Popular And This Café Was Born In A Tangible Cultural Property Of A Temple Town
542 Ko Busshozan, takamatsu-shi, kagawa
Japanese Sweets Working Well After Tasting The Specialty Udon Noodle
A Nice Japanese Café In A Tangible Cultural Property
1987 Omachi Mure-cho, takamatsu-shi, kagawa
Fruite Shop Making Seasonal Fruite Pan Cakes
1-4-9 Tokiwa-machi, takamatsu-shi, kagawa
Kanzaki-ya Sauce Pasta
A Nice Harmony Between A Café And An Old Town In Busshozan
2507 Ko Bussyozan-cho, takamatsu-shi, kagawa
A Café Time Spending With A Setouchi Port View
A Café Where Arts, Design, Interiors, Music And Everything Merge
4F 5-5 Kitahama-cho, takamatsu-shi, kagawa
A Long Established Pastry In Kagawa And Its Sweets Made From The Local Foodstuffs
290-1 Kanotsuno-cho, takamatsu-shi, kagawa
A Seaside Café
2F-B 49-20 Hamano-cho, takamatsu-shi, kagawa
The New Specialty of Bussyouzan. A Healthy Hamburger of Home-baked Bread and Full of Vegetables
542 Ko Busshozan-cho, takamatsu-shi, kagawa