Top Foods & Restaurants In takamatsu-shi#cafe

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by cafe to travel in takamatsu-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


10 Foods & Restaurants [1-10]


Japanese Sweets Working Well After Tasting The Specialty Udon Noodle

The colorful Japanese sweets such as black sesame ice cream, mitsu-mame (sweetened beans) and maccha sponge cake pile up each other like a beautiful art. We often want to eat something sweet after eating udon noodle because it's a little salty.

A Nice Japanese Café In A Tangible Cultural Property

It's in the well known udon noodle restaurant, Goyashiki. The building designated as a tangible cultural property. The wooden warm mood and nice antique chandelier create the calm room.


Gorgeous Location! A Scenic CafeIn Takamatsu

The healthy menu with full of fresh vegetables and fruit is the best attraction of this café, NORTHSHORE. It's near the central area of Takamatsu, and its location facing to the sea is great! I like the quiet and grown-up Hawaiian style of this café.

Café Asile

A Café Renovated From An Old House With Gentle Sunlights & Nostalgia

It's a popular café at Busshozan, a town with some retro buildings. I like the interior that makes me feel the gentle sunlights and the warmth of wood. And they prepare full menu such as seasonal original sweets and egg sandwiches.

Kanzaki-ya Sauce Pasta

They use a sauce of a long established vinegar shop 'Kanzaki-ya' in Busshozan. I've been a big fan of Kanzaki-ya's sauce, this meat sauce pasta is delicious to make me addicted. Meat is also plenty!

Temmaya Sando

Tangible Cultural Property Renovated Tastefully! And Sandwich With Delicious Buns

A café in a renovated building of a tangible cultural property at a retro town. The owner had baked bread as a hobby and become popular. That's because their sandwich full of vegetable has so delicious buns.

Owner's Bread Baking Hobby Had Become Popular And This Café Was Born In A Tangible Cultural Property Of A Temple Town

This café was renovated from a house as a tangible cultural property in Busshozan which remains the atmosphere of historical temple town. Bread baked by the owner who had run a dry goods store here became popular, and they opened this bread café. Delicious breads and buns with full of vegetables that get everyone become a fan of this cafe!


A Café Time Spending With A Setouchi Port View

What a slow and comfort time we can spend in the café. It's a tasteful sea port town.

A Café Where Arts, Design, Interiors, Music And Everything Merge

A designer tells senses of comfort and time that he feels now. I think there is a calm comfort even in an extraordinary room. It's a nice café we can spend a good time.


A Seaside Café

You can see the all highlights in Kagawa such as Seto Inland Sea, Yashima (a flat mountain) and Symbol Tower from here. A half of the café is indoor and the half is open-air terrace.

Sanbiki No Kobuta

Fruite Shop Making Seasonal Fruite Pan Cakes

A fruite shop as it is, using fruits in season and mature in best degree. In addition, soft ice cream and maple syrup make make a sweet time♡

Cafe Die Mahne Lowe

A Long Established Pastry In Kagawa And Its Sweets Made From The Local Foodstuffs

A pastry loved by the local people. The sweets made by a famous chef are all delicious that you must eat once.


Specialty Cafe Of Herb Tea Standing At Heike Pond Side

A specialty herb tea cafe standing at a calm residential area facing to Heike Pond in Busshozan, Kagawa Prefecture. Medical herb coordinator makes the original blend of tea. You can eat lunch and sweets with such herb tea in an elegant room.

Tenmaya Sando

The New Specialty of Bussyouzan. A Healthy Hamburger of Home-baked Bread and Full of Vegetables

The shop was repaired from a kimono shop. A little sweet vegetable and garlic flavor buns are nice. Breads for takeout also look delicious!

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