Foods & Restaurants In takamatsu-shi#Scenic

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by Scenic to travel in takamatsu-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

8 Foods & Restaurants [1-8]

Choko Sorae

◎A Supreme Sanuki Chinese Restaurant With All Of Taste, Service & View

◎Superb Chinese Dishes in Sanuki

◎The Superb Chinese Dishes And The Ocean View

Mikayla Restaurant & Bar

◎After All, I Like Here. A Scenic Restaurant For Calm Setouchi Blue

◎The Best Location You Can Take Your Time To See The Calm Sea And Make Yourself Comfortable

ALICE IN Takamatsu

◎French Cuisine With The Best View In Kagawa

◎A Yogurt Ice Cream With Sour-Sweet shodoshima Island Green Lemon

◎Beautiful French Dishes Of Setouch Seafood


◎A Café Time Spending With A Setouchi Port View

◎A Café Where Arts, Design, Interiors, Music And Everything Merge

Sky Restaurant Fiore

◎Blue Interiors Like In The Sea And The View From 20th Floor


◎A Dance of Beef Fillet and Creative Sushi Colaborated On the Goto Lacquer Plate Of Sanuki

◎Co-starring Japanese And Italian Representing Kagawa

◎Retro And Refined Gokan Dinning You Can Enjoy At Hiunkaku, An Important Cultural Asset

Cafe Jardin

◎Mass Phlox Blooms In 15000 Square Meters

◎Mass Phlox Art Changing Every Year


◎A Seaside Café