Foods & Restaurants In takamatsu-shi#Scenic

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by Scenic to travel in takamatsu-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


9 Foods & Restaurants [1-9]

ALICE IN Takamatsu

French Cuisine With The Best View In Kagawa

Located 30th floor in the Takamastu symbol tower. Setouchi panoramic view with a beautiful contrast of blue, white and green. The view becomes one of the deliciousness. You should visit for lunch on the sunny day.

A Yogurt Ice Cream With Sour-Sweet shodoshima Island Green Lemon

The locally grown Shodoshima Island lemon as a soup, a yogurt ice cream and white chocolate mousse under the ice cream. The best dessert suitable for the heat of late summer in Kagawa.

Choko Sorae

Superb Chinese Dishes in Sanuki

This Chinese restaurant locates on the beautiful mountain Yashima. Moreover, you can see the Setouchi ocean view from anywhere in the restaurant. Its delicate and modern Chinese dishes cooked from higher foodstuffs are the best in Sanuki area.

A Supreme Sanuki Chinese Restaurant With All Of Taste, Service & View

A famous Chinese restaurant standing at Yashima where was the stage of the Genji-Heike War. A restaurant couldn't stand such a place, I thought, but a beautiful Setouch scenery spreads from here. Enjoy a little spicy original Chinese dishes that we seem to meet for the first time and made from mainly Sanuki's foodstuffs.


Gorgeous Location! A Scenic CafeIn Takamatsu

The healthy menu with full of fresh vegetables and fruit is the best attraction of this café, NORTHSHORE. It's near the central area of Takamatsu, and its location facing to the sea is great! I like the quiet and grown-up Hawaiian style of this café.

Mikayla Restaurant & Bar

After All, I Like Here. A Scenic Restaurant For Calm Setouchi Blue

You can look over the calm and beautiful Seto Inland Sea from here. And more, very easy access from the main station Takamatsu in Kagawa. They open for lunch, café and dinner. After all, I like to have a happy lunch time in front of the ocean view.

The Best Location You Can Take Your Time To See The Calm Sea And Make Yourself Comfortable

You can enjoy Italian dishes used local foodstuffs in front of the Seto Inland Sea loved by the locals.


A Café Time Spending With A Setouchi Port View

What a slow and comfort time we can spend in the café. It's a tasteful sea port town.

A Café Where Arts, Design, Interiors, Music And Everything Merge

A designer tells senses of comfort and time that he feels now. I think there is a calm comfort even in an extraordinary room. It's a nice café we can spend a good time.

Sky Restaurant Fiore

Blue Interiors Like In The Sea And The View From 20th Floor

Inside the restaurant is unified blue and white, refreshing but calm atmosphere. I think it's good for both lunch and dinner. And the scenery of Setouchi sea and town from 20th floor is also nice. Tamamo castle is seen, too. I recommend to visit here at twilight.


A Seaside Café

You can see the all highlights in Kagawa such as Seto Inland Sea, Yashima (a flat mountain) and Symbol Tower from here. A half of the café is indoor and the half is open-air terrace.

Cafe Jardin

Mass Phlox Blooms In 15000 Square Meters

Moss phlox blooms like a caarpet at very well-kept garden. In the heart of the garden, there's a café you can spend a time while watching the beautiful flowers.

Mass Phlox Art Changing Every Year

Pegasus in 2014! I'm looking for the art every year and I feel the enthusiasm of the owner.


A Dance of Beef Fillet and Creative Sushi Colaborated On the Goto Lacquer Plate Of Sanuki

A beautiful Goto lacquer plate was improved to display the food. On the stage of a plate, creative sushi and beef stake colaborated splendid to enjoy our eyes and tongues.

Co-starring Japanese And Italian Representing Kagawa

A traditional Japanese restaurant 'Nicho' and a genuine Italian catering 'La Salute' collaborate to gorgeous cooking performances.

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