Foods & Restaurants In takamatsu-shi#Locavore

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by Locavore to travel in takamatsu-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


13 Foods & Restaurants [1-13]


All-star Foodstuffs Grown In Sanuki

A suburban famous restaurant, Suisen. Over 40 cm asparagus named 'Mezame', rare parts of Olive Beef, they prepare the strictly picked foodstuffs grown in Sanuki. You will be surprised at even a piece of sushi.


Local Specialties in Sanuki All at Once

Kagawa is famous for fresh seafood in Setouchi, Sanuki beef recently paid attention, and of course Sanuki udon! They are all contained in the courses, and makes us full and satisfied.

A Japanese Style Party Room Where Commends a Whole View of the City and Setouchi Sea

They prepare a room named tsukimachi for us. From the glass window spreading one side of the room, you can see the view of Setouchi Sea and Mt.Yashima. It was a nice room.

Oberuju do Oishi

Delicious and Beautiful French Using Ingredients Grown in Sanuki

The cuisines on a white plate is very beautiful. Most of it is light flavor for making the best use of original Sanuki ingredients. So, you can eat the beautiful Sanuki French cuisine such as Sanuki beef and vegetables.

An Auberge at the Foot of Mt.Yashima

The auberge surrounded by white walls at the foot of Mt.Yashima is a famous French restaurant and has calm resort mood.

Grill Yashima

Sanuki Local Specialty Meat, Olive Beef And Sanuki Yume Pork Appearing Together

Both are the local specialty. A delicious meat dish of roast and BBQ grill styles.

French Dishes Using the Quality Foodstuffs Grown In Kagawa

I think it's good for them to be particular about the quality foodstuffs. And because of a restaurant in a hotel, they act so elegantly thay you can enjoy dishes in a comfortable mood.

Grill&Wine Regalo

Grilled Sanuki Cochin Chicken For Lunch

The locally grown chicken Sanuki cochin with BBQ sauce. This lunch is as much as 2000 yen but a buffet, soup and a dessert are also set together. When you want to eat the Sanuki local foodstuffs, visit Regaro.

A Good Sense Buffet Of Sanuki Foodstuffs

Bagna cauda, prosciutto, roasted beef and namul (Korean pickles), the buffet using Sanuki foodstuffs is nice.

Beijing New Building

Beautiful Chinese Dishes Made By A Chef Selected As A Contemporary Master Hand

Beautiful Chinese dishes. An appetizer and scallop woth ginger sauce. Mango pudding contains Chinese traditional medicines which is healthy dessert.

Beijing Duck, a Masterpiece of a Contemporary Master-Hand

A representative dish of Chinese food, this Beijing duck is a superb one made by a famous chef. Roll the ingredients in a dough wrapper with sweet miso sauce, this is the best Beijing duck, isn't it?


Wariko, Specialties & Teuchi Udon Noodle

Everyone will like this udon noodle. And Sanuki's specialties are displayed for side dishes, you can enjoy the local gourmet in this set meal.

An Elegant Garden Of Go-yashiki With 200 Years History

Sanuki specialties beside the well kept Japanese garden.

Seshika Nishihaze-Store

A Buffet Sanuki Foodstuffs Are Lined Up

Particular foodstuffs of Sanuki are prepared colorfully in a row. I cannot decide what I take. But be careful not to take the all kinds, because the main dish will come later.

Udon Noodle With The Gravy! Sanuki Hamburg Steak

I was surprised at udon noodle appearing with the gravy. But it was made more delicious without a feeling something wrong and it's the hamburg steak you can taste in only Sanuki (Kagawa Pref.).


Many Kinds Of Fresh Fruit Cocktails Using Locally Grown Fruits

They prepare surprisingly many kinds of fruit cocktails that women must like. Especially, frozen cocktails in summer are worth mentioning! And they pick the glasses for cocktails, and there're nice atmosphere in the bar you can enjoy the taste and looks.

Cafe Restaurant TRANSIT

Lunch Set Selected By A Vegetable Sommelier

You can enjoy the locally grown vegetable dishes that is good for not only health but also beauty. This restaurant is the most suitable for people want to eat mainly vegetable for lunch.

Eating House MADOKA

Specialty Food Of Ogijima Island You Can Eat At A Window Seat Commanding Seascape

At Ogijima of Kagawa prefecture, MADOKA is a tourist home and an eating house. It has a scenic window seats that commands the calm seascape of Ogi Island, and you can eat the local specialty seafood. And tempura of octopus has good chewiness I like very much.

The Garden Dining Yuzuruha

A Set Meal Changes Every Week And Uses The Local Foodstuffs

You can enjoy the seasonal and the locally grown foodstuffs. I'm looking forward to eat it that changes every week.


Sanuki Pork Shabu-shabu

This restaurant is proud of a locally grown pork. They prepare specially made sauce, vinegar with say sauce and sesame sauce.