Foods & Restaurants In takamatsu-shi#Locavore

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by Locavore to travel in takamatsu-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

13 Foods & Restaurants [1-13]


◎All-star Foodstuffs Grown In Sanuki

Grill Yashima

◎Sanuki Local Specialty Meat, Olive Beef And Sanuki Yume Pork Appearing Together

◎French Dishes Using the Quality Foodstuffs Grown In Kagawa

◎A Lunch Course of Japanese and Western Dishes Using Sanuki-Grown Foodstuffs

Oberuju do Oishi

◎Delicious and Beautiful French Using Ingredients Grown in Sanuki

◎An Auberge at the Foot of Mt.Yashima


◎Wariko, Specialties & Teuchi Udon Noodle

◎An Elegant Garden Of Go-yashiki With 200 Years History


◎Local Specialties in Sanuki All at Once

◎A Japanese Style Party Room Where Commends a Whole View of the City and Setouchi Sea

Grill&Wine Regalo

◎Grilled Sanuki Cochin Chicken For Lunch

◎A Good Sense Buffet Of Sanuki Foodstuffs


◎Many Kinds Of Fresh Fruit Cocktails Using Locally Grown Fruits

Beijing New Building

◎Beautiful Chinese Dishes Made By A Chef Selected As A Contemporary Master Hand

◎Beijing Duck, a Masterpiece of a Contemporary Master-Hand

Seshika Nishihaze-Store

◎A Buffet Sanuki Foodstuffs Are Lined Up

◎Udon Noodle With The Gravy! Sanuki Hamburg Steak

The Garden Dining Yuzuruha

◎A Set Meal Changes Every Week And Uses The Local Foodstuffs

Cafe Restaurant TRANSIT

◎Lunch Set Selected By A Vegetable Sommelier


◎Sanuki Pork Shabu-shabu

Eating House MADOKA

◎Specialty Food Of Ogijima Island You Can Eat At A Window Seat Commanding Seascape