Foods & Restaurants In takamatsu-shi#LocalSpecialties

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by LocalSpecialties to travel in takamatsu-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

42 Foods & Restaurants [1-30]

Teuchi Judan Bakaichidai

◎The Original Udon with Egg and Butter

◎Ume-udon Letting Exhausted Summer Go Past


◎Kama-age Udon Noodle In A Specially Big Tub For Share With Everybody

◎Udon Noodle Restaurant Of A Tasteful Japanese Old House

◎A Secret Soup In A Big Bottle

Ueharaya Main Store

◎Chewy Udon And Stock Soup Of Dried Sardines!! The Royal Road Of Kake-udon

◎Bukkake Udon With Thick Sauce

◎Fried Chewy Octopus Excellent With Udon


◎All-star Foodstuffs Grown In Sanuki

Kawata Udon

◎Udon Welcomes You! A Specialty Udon Grilled In A Pot

◎Miracle Udon Of Sanuki Olive Beef Which is Nice Combination With Sudachi And Wasabi

Ikkaku Ota Store

◎Oyadori, A Grown Chicken That Is Spicy, Juicy and Unique Texture

Auberge de Oishi

◎A Moving Sunset Scenery Of Seto Inland Sea From A Private Terrace In A Guest Room

◎The Simple And Superb Room

◎Happy Morning And Breakfast You'll Never Forget


◎Must Eat At Udon Prefecture! Amber Color 'Sanuki Chuka-soba' Ramen With Savory Smell Of 'Iriko'

◎Sanuki Style 'Horumon-no Tsuke Udon' With Delicious Soup

Steak House ICHIGO

◎You Must Eat Olive Beef In Kagawa! Steak Of Gold Labeled Black-hair Olive Beef

◎Full Of Meat! A Hamburg Steak Of 100% Olive Black Beef With Much Broth


◎Sold Out Quickly! Very Crowded Sanuki Udon Noodle Shop Hariya's Specialty 'Fried Chicken With Cold Udon Noodle'

Grill Yashima

◎Sanuki Local Specialty Meat, Olive Beef And Sanuki Yume Pork Appearing Together

◎French Dishes Using the Quality Foodstuffs Grown In Kagawa

◎A Lunch Course of Japanese and Western Dishes Using Sanuki-Grown Foodstuffs

Beijing Main Store

◎A Specialty Sanuki Style Reimen, A Popular Course Since The Restaurant Opened

Oberuju do Oishi

◎Delicious and Beautiful French Using Ingredients Grown in Sanuki

◎An Auberge at the Foot of Mt.Yashima


◎Sticking Out From The Bowl! 'Prime Seto Kakiage Oroshi Udon Noodle'

Chikusei Main-Store

◎Before Sold Out! Delicious Tempura Fried Just After The Order For Udon Noodle


◎Local Specialties in Sanuki All at Once

◎A Japanese Style Party Room Where Commends a Whole View of the City and Setouchi Sea

Tenkatsu Main Store

◎Sanuki Besuke, A Conger Eel Dish

Kuniyasu Udon

◎Remade Sanuki Ramen Noodle With A Pulpy Roasted Pork Fillet

Azuma Udon

◎An Ultimate Chewy Kama-age Udon

◎Very Chewy Udon Noodle

◎Terrace Seats You Can Taste Udon Noodle In The Countryside

Tamoya Main Store

◎Pipping Hot Udon Noodle With An Egg And A Secret Sauce, Oshio-san

◎A Dense Curry And Udon Noodle

◎Bukkake Udon Noodle With A Secret Soup

Teuchi Udon Santoku

◎Negi-toro Don (Udon Noodle With Chopped Leek And Tuna)

◎Cold Noodle And Duck Meat Making You Cool

◎Full Of Vegetables And Chili Udon Noodle

Grill&Wine Regalo

◎Grilled Sanuki Cochin Chicken For Lunch

◎A Good Sense Buffet Of Sanuki Foodstuffs

Otona no Hamburg

◎Bresaola Of Sanuki Olive Beef


◎The Full Course Fresh Fish Grown in Setouchi Sea

Udon Honjin Yamada-ya Main-Store

◎A Traditional 'Kama Bukkake' Udon Noodle

◎Sanuki's Specialty Sippoku Udon Noodle

◎A Solemn Mood In A Registered Tangible Cultural Property

Beijing New Building

◎Beautiful Chinese Dishes Made By A Chef Selected As A Contemporary Master Hand

◎Beijing Duck, a Masterpiece of a Contemporary Master-Hand


◎Very Delicious!! The Best Udon With Chicken

◎A High Quality Tempura Udon


◎A Superb Udon In Some Reasons! Bukkake Udon Named Abe Prime Minister

Ikkaku Yashima Store

◎Single Mindedly For Chicken With Born! Kagawa's Addictive Specialty


◎The Deliciousness Is Beyond The Expectation! Zouni With Anmochi

◎Setouchi Speciality, Oden Of Iidako