Foods & Restaurants In takamatsu-shi#LocalSpecialties

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by LocalSpecialties to travel in takamatsu-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

42 Foods & Restaurants [1-30]

Teuchi Judan Bakaichidai
The Original Udon with Egg and Butter/Ume-udon Letting Exhausted Summer Go Past
Kama-age Udon Noodle In A Specially Big Tub For Share With Everybody/Udon Noodle Restaurant Of A Tasteful Japanese Old House
Ueharaya Main Store
Chewy Udon And Stock Soup Of Dried Sardines!! The Royal Road Of Kake-udon/Bukkake Udon With Thick Sauce
All-star Foodstuffs Grown In Sanuki
Kawata Udon
Udon Welcomes You! A Specialty Udon Grilled In A Pot/Miracle Udon Of Sanuki Olive Beef Which is Nice Combination With Sudachi And Wasabi
Ikkaku Ota Store
Oyadori, A Grown Chicken That Is Spicy, Juicy and Unique Texture
Auberge de Oishi
A Moving Sunset Scenery Of Seto Inland Sea From A Private Terrace In A Guest Room/The Simple And Superb Room
Must Eat At Udon Prefecture! Amber Color 'Sanuki Chuka-soba' Ramen With Savory Smell Of 'Iriko'/Sanuki Style 'Horumon-no Tsuke Udon' With Delicious Soup
Steak House ICHIGO
You Must Eat Olive Beef In Kagawa! Steak Of Gold Labeled Black-hair Olive Beef/Full Of Meat! A Hamburg Steak Of 100% Olive Black Beef With Much Broth
Sold Out Quickly! Very Crowded Sanuki Udon Noodle Shop Hariya's Specialty 'Fried Chicken With Cold Udon Noodle'
Grill Yashima
Sanuki Local Specialty Meat, Olive Beef And Sanuki Yume Pork Appearing Together/French Dishes Using the Quality Foodstuffs Grown In Kagawa
Beijing Main Store
A Specialty Sanuki Style Reimen, A Popular Course Since The Restaurant Opened
Oberuju do Oishi
Delicious and Beautiful French Using Ingredients Grown in Sanuki/An Auberge at the Foot of Mt.Yashima
Sticking Out From The Bowl! 'Prime Seto Kakiage Oroshi Udon Noodle'
Chikusei Main-Store
Before Sold Out! Delicious Tempura Fried Just After The Order For Udon Noodle
Local Specialties in Sanuki All at Once/A Japanese Style Party Room Where Commends a Whole View of the City and Setouchi Sea
Tenkatsu Main Store
Sanuki Besuke, A Conger Eel Dish
Kuniyasu Udon
Remade Sanuki Ramen Noodle With A Pulpy Roasted Pork Fillet
Azuma Udon
An Ultimate Chewy Kama-age Udon/Very Chewy Udon Noodle
Tamoya Main Store
Pipping Hot Udon Noodle With An Egg And A Secret Sauce, Oshio-san/A Dense Curry And Udon Noodle
Teuchi Udon Santoku
Negi-toro Don (Udon Noodle With Chopped Leek And Tuna)/Cold Noodle And Duck Meat Making You Cool
Grill&Wine Regalo
Grilled Sanuki Cochin Chicken For Lunch/A Good Sense Buffet Of Sanuki Foodstuffs
Otona no Hamburg
Bresaola Of Sanuki Olive Beef
The Full Course Fresh Fish Grown in Setouchi Sea
Udon Honjin Yamada-ya Main-Store
A Traditional 'Kama Bukkake' Udon Noodle/Sanuki's Specialty Sippoku Udon Noodle
Beijing New Building
Beautiful Chinese Dishes Made By A Chef Selected As A Contemporary Master Hand/Beijing Duck, a Masterpiece of a Contemporary Master-Hand
Very Delicious!! The Best Udon With Chicken/A High Quality Tempura Udon
A Superb Udon In Some Reasons! Bukkake Udon Named Abe Prime Minister
Ikkaku Yashima Store
Single Mindedly For Chicken With Born! Kagawa's Addictive Specialty
The Deliciousness Is Beyond The Expectation! Zouni With Anmochi/Setouchi Speciality, Oden Of Iidako