Things To Do In kagawa#Spring

Special Things To Do characterized by Spring to travel in kagawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


8 Things To Do [1-8]

Picturesque Night Cherry Blossoms Of Three Michelin-starred Garden You Should See Once/Fantastic Nights Of Three Michelin-starred Garden Enveloped In Red Leaves
Fascinating Spring Scenery Of Cherry Blossoms & Sea Of Setouchi/Have A Special Seat! Lovely View Of Setouchi
Long Stairs Of 785 Steps To The Main Shrine, 1368 Steps To The Inner Shrine/The Next Strongest Spiritual Power Spot After Kotohira Main Shrine! An Inner Shrine Located As Many As 1368 Steps Above
A Legendary Beach Where Urashima Taro Helped A Turtle/A Rare Urashima Shrine
A Picturesque Row of 2000 Cherry Trees/2000 Cherry Trees Of Somei Yoshino And Others
The Superb Flower and Ocean View in the Town that is the Top Marguerite Producer
A Cherry Blossom Cloister Floating On The Shrine Pond/Flower Sweet Flag Garden
Little Known Place You Can Enjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing In Front Of The Huge Dam