Things To Do In kagawa

Special Things To Do to travel in kagawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.





94 Things To Do [1-30]

Ritsurin Garden
Picturesque Night Cherry Blossoms Of Three Michelin-starred Garden You Should See Once/Fantastic Nights Of Three Michelin-starred Garden Enveloped In Red Leaves
Mt. Shiude
Fascinating Spring Scenery Of Cherry Blossoms & Sea Of Setouchi/Have A Special Seat! Lovely View Of Setouchi
Tsushima Jinja Shrine
The Shrine for Children on the Setouchi Sea whose Door Opens only Once a Year/An Evening Scene of the Festival Day Praying For Children's Growth and Health
Seto Bridge
The Great View From The Top Of Seto Ohashi Bridge That You Should See Once In Your Life/Climbing Seto Ohashi Bridge Tour That You Can Enjoy Thrills And Superb Views
Angel Road
The Emergence Rate is 33%! The Sand Road Called 'Angel Road' that is Rumored About that a Couple Become Happy If They Can Cross it while Holding Hands with Each Other/A Lover's Sanctuary♡ Angel Road Where Lovers Become Happy Forever
The World's First Glass Lighthouse that is a Romantic Symbol of Takamatsu
Shodoshima Olive Park
The Best Premium Landscape in Shodoshima Island, the Birthplace of Olive in Japan/A Cool Art Work Appearing Suddenly At Olive Fields 'Regent in Olives'
Ichinomiya Seashore
Like A Hawaiian Resort Park At A Town Of Chosa/Like Hawaii In Kagawa!? A Romantic 'Lover's Sanctuary' With Beautiful Sunset
Koseiwazuchi Shrine
The Grand View Of Setouchi Waiting On The Top Of Steep Steps/A Big Stone Seems To Fall Down From The Mountain Top
Teshima Art Museum
The Scenery Is An Art, Too. Teshima Island's Stunning View Only Visitors Can See/Teshima Art Museum: Nature Of Teshima Island & The Building Influence Each Other, And Invite You To Another World
Nakayama Senmaida
This is the Suitable Landscape Here. And the Only One in Kagawa as the 100 Beautiful Rice Terraces in Japan/Beautiful Scenery Of The Country! One Of The 100 Best Terraced Rice Fields In Japan
The Theatron, the Mecca of the Open -Air Concert Arena with the Magnificent Sunset/Theatron On A Large Scale Of Sky And Sea
Kotohira-gu (Kompira-san)
Long Stairs Of 785 Steps To The Main Shrine, 1368 Steps To The Inner Shrine/The Next Strongest Spiritual Power Spot After Kotohira Main Shrine! An Inner Shrine Located As Many As 1368 Steps Above
Danyama Okazaki Park
A Wonderful View Of Setouchi Stays In Our Memory Forever
Terraced Rice Fields At Karato In Te-shima Island
Take A Trip To A Beautiful Island! A Photogenic Road At Peaceful Te-shima Island
A national park Kanka-kei Gorge
Kagawa's Proud Scenery! Autumn Colored Kanka-kei; One Of The Most Beautiful Gorges In Japan/A Waterfall Of Autumn Colored Leaves
Kotohiki Park Zenigata Sand Picture
A Sand Picture Of Kanei-Tsuho, An Old Currency/Spiritual Place Of A Huge Sand Picture In A Town Famous For Luck With Money
Twenty Four Eyes Movie Studio
A Retro Photogenic Movie Studio You Can See The Old & New/Movie Studio As A Stunning Seascape Spot
Busshozan Farm Sunflower Field
55 Thousand Sunflowers Blooming In A Retro Town
Toyotamahime Shrine
You Can Meet Cats, Too. A Scenic Shrine Of God For An Easy Delivery
Shodoshima Olive Garden
Very Scenic Birthplace Of Olive Cultivation In Japan/Extremely Aura! The Oldest Olive Tree Even Now Bear Fruit
Benesse House Museum
The Building Itself Is An Art. A Large Museum Surrounded By Nature Of Naoshima Island/A Museum Where The Nature, Architecture And Art Become One
Ogi Port
The Scenery Of People Going To & Fro And A Shadow Art Changing Every Moment
Sanuki Toyohama Chosa Matsuri Festival
Toyohama's Heated Festival For Lifting Gorgeous 'Chosa' of 2tons High In The Sky
Ogushi Natural Park
Picturesque View From A Peninsula Projecting Into Seto Inland Sea/A Park Between The Sky And The Sea
Damonte & Co. Making A Must Beverage And Homemade Food For Your Blissful Reading Time/Good Reading Time In Ogi Island. A Library Remodeled From An Old Japanese House
1000 Years Old Huge Olive Tree
1000 Years Old Olive Tree Came Far From Spain
Chichibugahama Beach
Like Salar de Uyuni!? One Of The 100 Best Sunsets In Japan/Beautiful Sunset Scenery In Mitoyo
Road Of Hope (Kibo no Michi)
A Path Appearing By The Ebb And Flow Of The Tide
Honenike Pond
Powerful Waterfall from a Dam

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