Things To Do In shozu-gun#StunningViews

Special Things To Do characterized by StunningViews to travel in shozu-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

15 Things To Do [1-15]

Angel Road

◎The Emergence Rate is 33%! The Sand Road Called 'Angel Road' that is Rumored About that a Couple Become Happy If They Can Cross it while Holding Hands with Each Other

◎A Lover's Sanctuary♡ Angel Road Where Lovers Become Happy Forever

◎Romantic And Wonderful Beach Appears When The Tide Ebbs

Koseiwazuchi Shrine

◎The Grand View Of Setouchi Waiting On The Top Of Steep Steps

◎A Big Stone Seems To Fall Down From The Mountain Top

Teshima Art Museum

◎The Scenery Is An Art, Too. Teshima Island's Stunning View Only Visitors Can See

◎Teshima Art Museum: Nature Of Teshima Island & The Building Influence Each Other, And Invite You To Another World

◎A Museum Harmonized With Calm Rice Field In Teshima Island

Nakayama Senmaida

◎This is the Suitable Landscape Here. And the Only One in Kagawa as the 100 Beautiful Rice Terraces in Japan

◎Beautiful Scenery Of The Country! One Of The 100 Best Terraced Rice Fields In Japan

A national park Kankakei Gorge

◎Kagawa's Proud Scenery! Autumn Colored Kankakei; One Of The Most Beautiful Gorges In Japan

◎Indescribably Beautiful Autumn Colors In Kankakei Valley

◎A Waterfall Of Autumn Colored Leaves

Danyama Okazaki Park

◎A Wonderful View Of Setouchi Stays In Our Memory Forever

Terraced Rice Fields At Karato In Te-shima Island

◎Take A Trip To A Beautiful Island! A Photogenic Road At Peaceful Te-shima Island

Shodoshima Olive Park

◎The Best Premium Landscape in Shodoshima Island, the Birthplace of Olive in Japan

◎A Film Set 'corico' Used In Ghibli Movie 'Kiki's Delivery Service'

◎A Best Photo Spot In Shodoshima Island

Twenty Four Eyes Movie Studio

◎A Retro Photogenic Movie Studio You Can See The Old & New

◎Movie Studio As A Stunning Seascape Spot

◎Famous Movie's Open Set By The Sea

1000 Years Old Huge Olive Tree

◎1000 Years Old Olive Tree Came Far From Spain

Road Of Hope (Kibo no Michi)

◎A Path Appearing By The Ebb And Flow Of The Tide

Danyama Mountain Top

◎Moving Scenery Of Setouchi Seen From Mt.Danyama, A Highest In Teshima Island

Shihozashi Observation Deck

◎The Island, Sea and Sky Unifies, Amazing View of Shodoshima Island

Shodoshima Furusatomura

◎A Kayak You Could Enjoy Shodoshima Slowly From The Sea

Teshima Island

◎A Reborn Scenery Of Terraced Rice Fields

◎Karato Spring That Has Connection With Kukai