Foods & Restaurants In shozu-gun#cafe

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by cafe to travel in shozu-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

7 Foods & Restaurants [1-7]

Cafe Chuzaemon

◎The Olive Pasta Made by Specialty Method 'Tenobe' which is Enchanted Texture and Eaten Only Here

◎The Original Drink with Island Fine View

◎The Hishio-Bowl that Has Many Local Ingredients Seasoned with Soy Sauce and Olive Oil in Shodoshima Island


◎Specialty Setouchi Lemon Cake

Morikuni Sake Brewing Cafe&Bar

◎Attractive Sake Made From The Island's Water & Air! Sake Brewer's Café & Bar

Teshima Art Museum Café

◎The Island's Sunlight Streams Into The Shell Structure, A Museum Café Like An Art

IL Vento

◎An Old House Art Café Painted Camouflage Pattern

◎Teshima Island's Lemon Squash And A Camouflage Art Space

◎A Special Seat Provides Us With The View Of Teshima Port


◎Café With A Panoramic View Of Shodoshima You'll Love At Once


◎Delicious Gelato Of Shodoshima Local Foodstuffs

◎Fresh Gelato Made From Seasonal Food Of Shodo-shima Island