Foods & Restaurants In shozu-gun#Scenic

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by Scenic to travel in shozu-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

5 Foods & Restaurants [1-5]

Scenic Restaurant You Can Eat Kagawa's Brand 'Olive Beef' For Lunch/A Super Scenic Restaurant You Can Eat Te-shima Island Lunch
The Olive Pasta Made by Specialty Method 'Tenobe' which is Enchanted Texture and Eaten Only Here/The Original Drink with Island Fine View
The Local Somen Noodle With A Difference! Tasty & Green Olive Somen/Scenic Restaurant You Can Eat The Specialty Of The Island
Calm Scenery Of Setouchi & 'Hishio-don' You Can Taste 120% Of Shodo-shima Island
Café With A Panoramic View Of Shodoshima You'll Love At Once