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Special Shops characterized by local to travel in kagawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


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Wasambon is known as the high-class sugar of Kagawa's specialty, and Mitani Seito has made these by unchanged way as the old time without machines. You will be fascinated by the taste like a magic that seems to take away your tiredness if you know its high quality sweetness and comfortable feel in your mouth.


One of a few soy sauce shops brewing naturally in wooden buckets, 'Yamaroku Shoyu' provides you with mochi grilled on Shichirin only in winter. Yaki-mochi with this rare soy sauce tastes better than that of anywhere!


Yamaroku Café is just in front of the warehouse and you can enjoy the taste and the smell of soy sauce. Spread the proud 'Tsurubishio' (a kind of their soy sauce) on vanilla ice cream. And Tamba Kuromame (black soybean) stewed with sugar and Tsurubishio. This delicious multiplication of sweet and saltiness, and the surprising aftertaste like caramel, we totally admired, indeed.


Although it costs much, we have to pass down the genuine taste of naturally brewed by wooden bucket; their words are impressive. The warehouse is designated as a tangible cultural property. And their soy sauce brewed in wooden buckets, made over 100 years ago, is the real genuine taste that the technological advances can't imitate.


If express Kagawa area by color, it is blue called as 'Setouchi Blue' because the insular and beautiful blue Setouchi sea is in Kagawa. So, these beautiful glass interiors using expensive Aji stone in Kagawa is Setouchi Blue Color. And the store sells them and is also galley.


There are few stores specializing in honey. A little big grain has refined sweetness and cannot forget once you eat. Some famous hotel use this and the locals are proud of this superb honey.


The cake store is very popular as tart using many seasonal fruits. The colorful tarts make me happy.


This store is managed by a popular wedding company in Kagawa. The same wedding patissier makes the croissant cream puff and inserts custard cream after you ordered it.


I think SANS FACON is the best to buy a baumkuchen. Specially, gateau pyrenees are made from sugar called wasanbon has refined sweetness.


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