Shops In kagawa#local

Special Shops characterized by local to travel in kagawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

8 Shops [1-8]

Yamaroku Shoyu

◎Spreading Savory Smell! Yaki-mochi With Soy Sauce

◎Soy Sauce Naturally Brewed In Wooden Bucket. Passing Down The Disappearing But The Genuine Taste

◎The World's Surprised At The Infinite Possibility Of Soy Sauce! Shodo-shima Yamaroku's Soy Sauce Ice Cream

Kutsuwado Main-Store

◎A Big Rice Cracker! A Long Established Confectionery Shop Bake One By One

◎Mild Taste Pancake Using Shiroshita Sugar

◎Sabayon Cream With Ice Cream Ice And Many Fruits

Mitani Seito

◎Eat One And Be Enchanted With The Magical Sweetness! Japan's Oldest 'Sanuki Wasambon'

Hakueido Yanagimachi-Main-Store

◎Japanese Pastries With Coin Marks

◎Sweet And Soft Kanonji Manju With A Coin Mark

Yoshino Vingar

◎Must Be Addicted Once You Taste. Kanzaki-ya's Secret Sauce

◎200 Years Of History. Vinegar Doesn't Loose Its Flavor While The Time Passes

RGG Gallery

◎The Glass Interiors Using Aji Stone which the Color Likes Blue of the Insular Setouchi Sea

Sanuki Winery Shop

◎Sanuki Wine Shop Opened By A Wine Factory Only One In Shikoku

Nakata Yohojyo Apiary

◎A Superb Honey Made by Warm Climate in Setouch and Affection of Famers


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