Shops In kagawa

Special Shops to travel in kagawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.



13 Shops [1-13]

Yamaroku Shoyu
Spreading Savory Smell! Yaki-mochi With Soy Sauce/Soy Sauce Naturally Brewed In Wooden Bucket. Passing Down The Disappearing But The Genuine Taste
Kutsuwado Main-Store
A Big Rice Cracker! A Long Established Confectionery Shop Bake One By One/Mild Taste Pancake Using Shiroshita Sugar
Mitani Seito
Eat One And Be Enchanted With The Magical Sweetness! Japan's Oldest 'Sanuki Wasambon'
Hakueido Yanagimachi-Main-Store
Japanese Pastries With Coin Marks/Sweet And Soft Kanonji Manju With A Coin Mark
Gateau Pyrenees Made From Sanuki Rice Flour And Wasanbon Sugar
Takamatsu Central Shopping District
The Longest Arcade Mall Renewed as the Central Shopping Mall in Takamatsu
Kaniwashi Factory
The Colorful Tart Using Many Seasonal Fruits
Busshozan's Specialty! Hard Baked Cream Puff
Yoshino Vingar
Must Be Addicted Once You Taste. Kanzaki-ya's Secret Sauce/200 Years Of History. Vinegar Doesn't Loose Its Flavor While The Time Passes
RGG Gallery
The Glass Interiors Using Aji Stone which the Color Likes Blue of the Insular Setouchi Sea
Sanuki Winery Shop
Sanuki Wine Shop Opened By A Wine Factory Only One In Shikoku
Sweet Shop Bayhills
Croissant Cream Puff Made by a Popular Wedding Patissier
Nakata Yohojyo Apiary
A Superb Honey Made by Warm Climate in Setouch and Affection of Famers

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