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2016 is a leap year and called 'Hinoe-saru' according to the Japanese sexagenary cycle. This year comes once in 60 years and making pilgrimage of Shikoku 88 sacred places by the counter route will give you much more divine help! To start 'Gyaku-uchi' pilgrimage, here the 88th temple, Okubo-ji is the first.


The Theatron is famous as a mecca of an open-air concert arena. Sanuki-shi boasts the beautiful sunset scenery in the Setouchi sea.


It will be both good to liven up that mood as the first of your visiting Kagawa, and make yourself at home as the last. Both children and the elderly can enjoy the park because it is possible to visit by car. There aren't such a park which is open and easy access in any other places.


It's for free. A sweet-scented Sanuki wine that were made from grapes grown in a Setouchi calm climate. You can tasting, too.


The largest scale of outdoor concert space in Chu-shikoku area. Magnificent blue sky and sea in the background, many famous musicians hold concerts here. You couldn't expect the moving moment when the scenery and the singing voices resonates.


1500 flower sweet flags. Please walk deep into the park. There was crowded by families and people taking pictures.


A beautiful scenery seen closely or from a distance. Usa Shrine is in front of the pond, the row of the cherry blossom trees 'someiyoshino' makes me feel thankful, somehow.


You can eat it only here, the wine made from the grapes grown in the warm climate in Setouchi. It's the only winery in Shikoku region. Of course, it's non-alcohol.


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