Things To Do In sanuki-shi#GreatNature

Special Things To Do characterized by GreatNature to travel in sanuki-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


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Ogushi Natural Park

Picturesque View From A Peninsula Projecting Into Seto Inland Sea

Located at Ogushi Peninsula projecting into Seto Inland Sea, Ogushi Nature Park with camp site and an open-air concert arena. From the observatory, the panoramic view of Seto Inland Sea without any obstruction. You can see the photogenic and picturesque view!

A Park Between The Sky And The Sea

It will be both good to liven up that mood as the first of your visiting Kagawa, and make yourself at home as the last. Both children and the elderly can enjoy the park because it is possible to visit by car. There aren't such a park which is open and easy access in any other places.

Kinrin Park

A Superb View Of Blue, Green And White

A part of the Setouchi national park, and selected as '100 Beautiful Beach In Japan'. Please come to see the proud site of white sands and green pine trees in Kagawa.

Beautiful Green Pine Trees Extending 1km

Small woods of pine trees on the both sides of the path. It'll be a nice healing to walk under the natural tunnel shining green beautifully. The 600 years old tree has a magnificent mood and represents a Japanesque scenery.

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