Foods & Restaurants In sanuki-shi#cafe

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by cafe to travel in sanuki-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

5 Foods & Restaurants [1-5]


Italy? Kagawa? An Attractive Resort Cafe

A cafeimaged south Italy. Setouch superb view spreading from the window, and the interiors have a resort mood. Like a one day trip to the Mediterranean Sea.

A Café Time In Front Of The Clear Blue Setouchi Sea

There're some magazines wrote about Sicily and The Mediterranean. A café time with a view of Japan's Mediterranean is superb. Blood orange juice imported from Sicily and a cake of milk ice cream made in the local farm.

Shizen No Kyukeijo Berry's Life

The Interior Made From Wood Grown in Shikoku Letting You Stay Longer

They use cedar and cypress grown in Shikoku for there tables, benches and floor. Wherever you take a seat, you can get a lot of sunshine and see the garden. There makes me relax and want to stay longer.

Nomado Cafe

The 180 Degree Ocean Splendid View From A Café You Can Make Yourself At Home

About 30minutes by car from the central Takamatsu, there is a café where the 180-degree ocean view can be seen in Ogushi Peninsula. Almost half of the restaurant wall is glass window, so from any seats you can see the splendid view. There is Shodoshima Island in front, and Awaji Island on the east.

Minestrone Soup Made Of Migratory Crab In Setouchi Sea Which Only A Few People Know

They prepare this soup only when they can stock the crab, so you are lucky if you can meet the menu. A migratory small crab is not well known but its taste is thick and the local gourmet which only few people know. This soup was delicious with strong crab flavor.

Road Station Miroku

Croquette With Full of Sanuki Yume Buta Pork

It's the café restaurant opened at 'michi no eki' under the direct manegemant of Oyama farm. This is the morning set of just cooked hot coroquette condensed good taste of Sanuki Yume pork. It was nice in cold season.


Healthy Raw Food Dessert and Organic Tea

The owner is a master of raw food and selects organic ingredients. You can eat healthy foods and desserts in this cafe.