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The owner is a master of raw food and selects organic ingredients. You can eat healthy foods and desserts in this cafe.


Here is proud of many kinds of homemade set meals. This curry is not too spicy and familiar taste like my mother often cooked.


They use cedar and cypress grown in Shikoku for there tables, benches and floor. Wherever you take a seat, you can get a lot of sunshine and see the garden. There makes me relax and want to stay longer.


It's the café restaurant opened at 'michi no eki' under the direct manegemant of Oyama farm. This is the morning set of just cooked hot coroquette condensed good taste of Sanuki Yume pork. It was nice in cold season.


A café Makes You Feel Breeze' is a concept of here. According to the article linked, the owner Nonura attracted to ths Ogushi Peninsula and opened this café. I felt the enthusiasm of him.


They prepare this soup only when they can stock the crab, so you are lucky if you can meet the menu. A migratory small crab is not well known but its taste is thick and the local gourmet which only few people know. This soup was delicious with strong crab flavor.


About 30minutes by car from the central Takamatsu, there is a café where the 180-degree ocean view can be seen in Ogushi Peninsula. Almost half of the restaurant wall is glass window, so from any seats you can see the splendid view. There is Shodoshima Island in front, and Awaji Island on the east.


A famous udon restaurant in Kagawa. Specially, curry udon is the most popular but I like zaru-udon with tempura, too.


Udon noodles in the crisp cutlet and lots of chedder cheese. Who likes B-grade gourmet would be satisfied fully. A famous chef of some hotel suggested this hamburger.


A hot dog made of the locally grown wajyu beef and udon noodle seasoned similar to sukiyaki. The olive beef stewed with sugar and soy sauce tastes good.


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