Foods & Restaurants In sakaide-shi

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in sakaide-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.



6 Foods & Restaurants [1-6]

A Smooth Udon The Locals Admire
The Masterpiece of the Museum and the Awesome View/Japanese Sweets 'Amamo' Imaged the Calm Seaside Museum
A Healing Spot During Pilgrimage Of 88 Temples In Shikoku. Yasoba's Specialty 'Tokoroten' With The Coolness Of Japanese Summer
Open Only One Hour A Day! Sanuki Udon Freshly Made By Skilled Noodle Craftsman
Italian Dishes Made From Sanuki Foodstuffs
Yoshima Ramen Of Which The Soup Is Made From Dried Sardines Grown In Ibuki