Things To Do In nakatado-gun

Special Things To Do to travel in nakatado-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

3 Things To Do [1-3]

Kotohira-gu (Kompira-san)

◎Long Stairs Of 785 Steps To The Main Shrine, 1368 Steps To The Inner Shrine

◎The Next Strongest Spiritual Power Spot After Kotohira Main Shrine! An Inner Shrine Located As Many As 1368 Steps Above

◎Ouka-sai, A Cherry Blossom Festival, That Tells Us Spring Has Come With The Elegant Music And Dance

Sanagi-shima Island

◎Many Cats In The Island! You Can See Them All Over The Island

Sanukimanno Park

◎World Of 4000 Kochia In Autumn Red In Kagawa Pref.

◎Illuminations Of Five Hundred Thousand Lights In A Large Park


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