Foods & Restaurants In mitoyo-shi#meat

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by meat to travel in mitoyo-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

2 Foods & Restaurants [1-2]


◎The Hamburger of Wild Game Grown in Mitoyo with Mango Sauce, So It's New Local Specialty Hamburger in Mitoyo!

◎The Specialty Tropical Fruits Grown in Mitoyo and Served at a Cafe Managed by a Small Farm

◎The Sweet Fruit Syrup Juice Grown in Setouchi

Steak House Chacha

◎The Superb Stake of Selected Sanuki Beef at the Restaurant Managed by a Butcher

◎Sukiyaki and Shabushabu Using Sanuki Beef, Of Course the Last Course is Udon.