Foods & Restaurants In mitoyo-shi#cafe

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by cafe to travel in mitoyo-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

4 Foods & Restaurants [1-4]

The Hamburger of Wild Game Grown in Mitoyo with Mango Sauce, So It's New Local Specialty Hamburger in Mitoyo!/The Specialty Tropical Fruits Grown in Mitoyo and Served at a Cafe Managed by a Small Farm
I Found in Nio! Open on Sunday and Holiday, a Lovely Resort Café/The Special Seats on the Veranda like Looking Down the Mediterranean
Café Hana-batake
Want To Live Here! Scenic Café In A Detached House
Cafe de Flots
A Seaside Café Where You Can See The Glittering Sea In Nio/Locally Made Lemon Squash