Foods & Restaurants In mitoyo-shi#Scenic

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by Scenic to travel in mitoyo-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


3 Foods & Restaurants [1-3]


I Found in Nio! Open on Sunday and Holiday, a Lovely Resort Café

Nio is a resort in Kagawa. Veranda is on a small hill, a lovely resort café. A garden like Bali, a nice view terrace, any seats will be attractive, but I wanna have a terrace seat!

The Special Seats on the Veranda like Looking Down the Mediterranean

They open only on Sundays and holidays, make us feel special holiday!

Café Hana-batake

Want To Live Here! Scenic Café In A Detached House

A café 'Hana-batake (Flower Garden)' is located on a point of scenic Shonai Peninsula. So happy coffee break with the beauty of Seto Inland Sea. As the name, its garden with lovely flowers is attractive that made me really want to live here!

Cafe de Flots

A Seaside Café Where You Can See The Glittering Sea In Nio

Nio is famous for the sea and a resort. You can see such a calm and glittering sea from this seaside café. Very pretty café with full of marine mood made by a white wall.

Locally Made Lemon Squash

Nio is famous for growing lemons. This locally grown lemon squash is full of refreshing feels.