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You can also choose Sukiyaki and Shabushabu using super Sanuki beef and they are as delicious as a steak. Of Course, Last course is Udon.


The chef is particular about female caw for the meet not too much fat. Because the restaurant is managed by a butcher, the beef is fresh and not expensive.


The hamburger uses boar meat grown in Mitoyo. I thought of the meat as peculiar flavor before eating but it goes well with original mango sauce and is delicious. So, it's new hamburger in Mitoyo.


You can drink the tropical fruits syrup juice grown in Setouchi diluted with water, hot water and soda.


You can eat very sweet tropical fruits grown in Mitoyo that the climate is warm. And the cafe stands in the mountains and has cheerful furniture.


Pizza Sun Resort topped with pancetta of Sanuki Yume Buta(local pork), pepperoncino spaghetti of Ibuki sardine and Mitoyo vegetables. Using the local foodstuffs, you cannot eat them at any other restaurants, and open atmosphere makes me stay there for a long time.


Nio is a resort in Kagawa. Veranda is on a small hill, a lovely resort café. A garden like Bali, a nice view terrace, any seats will be attractive, but I wanna have a terrace seat!


Hamando is famous for the first Sanuki ramen restaurant. Chewy flat noodles made from flour for udon and stock soup of meat and seafood. Though it looks full of oil, tastes light. The local ramen made from the locally grown foodstuffs is very attractive.


Nio is famous for the sea and a resort. You can see such a calm and glittering sea from this seaside café. Very pretty café with full of marine mood made by a white wall.


Nio is famous for growing lemons. This locally grown lemon squash is full of refreshing feels.


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