Foods & Restaurants In mitoyo-shi#Originators_Birthplaces

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by Originators_Birthplaces to travel in mitoyo-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


2 Foods & Restaurants [1-2]

Sanuki Ramen Hamando

The First Sanuki Ramen Made From Wheat Flour For Udon

Hamando is famous for the first Sanuki ramen restaurant. Chewy flat noodles made from flour for udon and stock soup of meat and seafood. Though it looks full of oil, tastes light. The local ramen made from the locally grown foodstuffs is very attractive.

Takoban Komae

The Genuine Tako-ban With An Egg. B Grade Gourmet In Nio!

They proposed tako-ban first. With egg will be better. Octopus and fresh cabbage make a good feel in your mouth and very delicious. It's only 120yen for its size, it must be known all over Japan!