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Sanuki Udon has a strong impression as thick noodle but some people like thin Sanuki udon noodle. Yamatomo makes the thin noodle by his hands without any machines. It has a particular chewy texture of Sanuki Udon and goes easily down the throat. Thin noodle gets caught well in golden strong soup, so you don't need almost all of the other flavors.


A restaurant in Okura Hotel Marugame. Their fresh seafood caught in Setouchi are very delicious, plates and displays are also beautiful. You can receive a polite service as a hotel, I recommend here very much.


A timber merchant runs this café. They use wood for furniture and tableware so the warm atmosphere in the shop. In the garden, the local people drink tea and talk together with their dogs.


The most popular lunch menu. Its plates and cuisine make a unity of design for the healthy lunch.


This fashionable café has interior or general goods designed by artists who has some relations with Inokuma Genichiro. Specially, Isamu Noguchi's deigned interior in the cafe will make the fans happy.


Appetizer, main, bread and dessart. Herb piccata of a sea bass. You can't taste any other restaurants. I want to come again.


An appetizer for lunch, is full of vegetables in season. Carrot dressing is also so superb that I want to buy it in a bottle.


I love the peacefull and calm location. The restaurant seats are arranged to see such a wonderful scenery.


They built it as an image of a rabbit house. Like an ancient ruins, very interesting building, isn't it?


The chef who had trained at Japanese restaurant in Paris cooks the unusual rich udon. Juicy grilled duck meat with soy sauce and wasabi create so delicious tastes of Japanese style. Like making the noodle longer, it becomes smooth and chewy.


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