Things To Do In kanonji-shi

Special Things To Do to travel in kanonji-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

8 Things To Do [1-8]

Ichinomiya Seashore

◎Like A Hawaiian Resort Park At A Town Of Chosa

◎Like Hawaii In Kagawa!? A Romantic 'Lover's Sanctuary' With Beautiful Sunset

◎So Refreshing Resort Park! Wishing Such A Place Was Located Near Me

Kotohiki Park Zenigata Sand Picture

◎A Sand Picture Of Kanei-Tsuho, An Old Currency

◎Spiritual Place Of A Huge Sand Picture In A Town Famous For Luck With Money

Sanuki Toyohama Chosa Matsuri Festival

◎Toyohama's Heated Festival For Lifting Gorgeous 'Chosa' of 2tons High In The Sky

Takaya Shrine

◎Torii In The Sky Is Must-See. A Scenic Shrine Becoming More & More Popular

Honenike Pond

◎Powerful Waterfall from a Dam

◎A Dam Like An European Old Castle

Awai Shrine

◎A Shrine With 3000 Hydrangea Trees At The Precinct & Walk

Kotohira Hachimangu's big drums

◎Kotohira Hachimangu's Chosa

Ariakehama Sunset

◎Ibuki Island and One of 100 Selected Sunset in Japan


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