Foods & Restaurants In kanonji-shi#LocalSpecialties

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by LocalSpecialties to travel in kanonji-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


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Delicious Sunuki-Food Chicken with the Bone at Seaside Terrace

The chicken with bone is famous as B grade gourmet of Kagawa. You can eat the spicy food at seaside terrace in front of the ocean view.

The Terrace You Can Look Over the Beautiful Beach 'Ariake' Selected as 100 Best Beaches in Japan

The restaurant is in the hot spring hotel. Drinking beer while seeing the Ariake selected as Japan's top 100 beaches after hot spring is so happy.

Kanakuma Mochi

Kanemochi Udon with Fried Rice Cake Including Anko

Kagawa locals have a habit of eating Ozouni with rice cake including anko, so they can eat Udon with it. And Kamaboko on the Udon is printed Kaneitsuho that is famous as a spiritual spot of money. Let's try it, delicious!

Road Station Toyohama

Lovely Ice Cream With Oiri, A Local Sweets In Kagawa

This is a roadside station where you can eat the local ice cream topped with oiri, a little sweet and colorful candy born in the western part of Kagawa Prefecture. I like the nice location with beautiful scenery of Seto Inland Sea!

Oiri Soft Cream Ice

Oiri is a kind of candy that is handed as a celebration when a woman gets married in the west of Kagawa Pref.

Hagi Garden Terrace

A Sanuki Wheat Flour Pizza Grilled One By One On The Genuine Stone Oven

23 centimeters across pizza you can eat up by yourself. Home grown wheat flour Sanuki no yume is blended to ,be a chewy dough, and the oven make good degrees of grill.

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