Foods & Restaurants In kanonji-shi

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in kanonji-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.



8 Foods & Restaurants [1-8]

Delicious Sunuki-Food Chicken with the Bone at Seaside Terrace/The Amazing Terrace You Can See One of 100 Selected Sunset Scenery in Japan
Kanemochi Udon with Fried Rice Cake Including Anko
The Sophisticated Room and Original Dishes in Setonaikai National Park, Like a Secret Flower Park/The Magnificent Restaurant Having a Noh Stage as well as a Natural Garden with Meandering Stream
The Mouth-Watering Gorgeous Full Course Of Lobster/A Specialty Grilled Lobster with Tartar Sauce
Kanonji's Specialty 'Custard Strawberry Daifuku'
Seasonal Tempura Cooked In Front Of My Eyes And Firm Sanuki Soba
Oiri Soft Cream Ice
A Sanuki Wheat Flour Pizza Grilled One By One On The Genuine Stone Oven