Foods & Restaurants In kanonji-shi

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in kanonji-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

8 Foods & Restaurants [1-8]


◎Delicious Sunuki-Food Chicken with the Bone at Seaside Terrace

◎The Amazing Terrace You Can See One of 100 Selected Sunset Scenery in Japan

◎The Terrace You Can Look Over the Beautiful Beach 'Ariake' Selected as 100 Best Beaches in Japan

Kanakuma Mochi

◎Kanemochi Udon with Fried Rice Cake Including Anko


◎The Sophisticated Room and Original Dishes in Setonaikai National Park, Like a Secret Flower Park

◎The Magnificent Restaurant Having a Noh Stage as well as a Natural Garden with Meandering Stream

Setouchi Gyoen

◎The Mouth-Watering Gorgeous Full Course Of Lobster

◎A Specialty Grilled Lobster with Tartar Sauce

Blanc Kanonji-Main-Store

◎Kanonji's Specialty 'Custard Strawberry Daifuku'

Masu Ume

◎Seasonal Tempura Cooked In Front Of My Eyes And Firm Sanuki Soba

Road Station Toyohama

◎Oiri Soft Cream Ice

Hagi Garden Terrace

◎A Sanuki Wheat Flour Pizza Grilled One By One On The Genuine Stone Oven


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