Top Foods & Restaurants In kanonji-shi

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in kanonji-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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8 Top Foods & Restaurants In kanonji-shi [1-8]


Delicious Sunuki-Food Chicken with the Bone at Seaside Terrace

The chicken with bone is famous as B grade gourmet of Kagawa. You can eat the spicy food at seaside terrace in front of the ocean view.


The Sophisticated Room and Original Dishes in Setonaikai National Park, Like a Secret Flower Park

The restaurant like a secret garden known by some people is in the Kotohiki Park. The sophisticated room designed by the madam who is a fashion designer looks another world and the fireplace won a interior design award. I could eat great original dishes which I have never eaten.

Kanakuma Mochi

Kanemochi Udon with Fried Rice Cake Including Anko

Kagawa locals have a habit of eating Ozouni with rice cake including anko, so they can eat Udon with it. And Kamaboko on the Udon is printed Kaneitsuho that is famous as a spiritual spot of money. Let's try it, delicious!

Setouchi Gyoen

The Mouth-Watering Gorgeous Full Course Of Lobster

The restaurant is proud of the lobster dishes. The chef angles from a fish-tank and fillet the living lobster. I want to visit again on some celebrations.

Road Station Toyohama

Lovely Ice Cream With Oiri, A Local Sweets In Kagawa

This is a roadside station where you can eat the local ice cream topped with oiri, a little sweet and colorful candy born in the western part of Kagawa Prefecture. I like the nice location with beautiful scenery of Seto Inland Sea!

Blanc Kanonji-Main-Store

Kanonji's Specialty 'Custard Strawberry Daifuku'

A big whole strawberry in it. And between mochi (a chewy dough) and a strawberry, there's surprisingly a sweet castard cream. Buy it before it's sold out.

Masu Ume

Seasonal Tempura Cooked In Front Of My Eyes And Firm Sanuki Soba

They prepare tentsuyu, tempura sause, but I recommend green tea salt with tempura.

Hagi Garden Terrace

A Sanuki Wheat Flour Pizza Grilled One By One On The Genuine Stone Oven

23 centimeters across pizza you can eat up by yourself. Home grown wheat flour Sanuki no yume is blended to ,be a chewy dough, and the oven make good degrees of grill.