Things To Do In kagawa-gun#Arts

Special Things To Do characterized by Arts to travel in kagawa-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

7 Things To Do [1-7]

Benesse House Museum
The Building Itself Is An Art. A Large Museum Surrounded By Nature Of Naoshima Island/A Museum Where The Nature, Architecture And Art Become One
Go'o Shrine (Naoshima Island)
Art In The Dark. A Shinto Shrine With A Fascinating Underground Space/An Artistic Shinto Shrine With Glass Steps
Red Pumpkin
A Photogenic Art 'Red Pumpkin' At The Entrance Of Naoshima Island
Best Attraction Of Naoshima! A Photogenic Art 'Pumpkin'
Naoshima Pavilion
Floating? 'Naoshima Pavilion' Is A Big Stainless Steel Mesh Art
Naoshima Island
Naoshima, An Island Of Arts And Nature/A Calm Island Time Nursed By Seto Inland Sea
Chichu Art Museum
A Museum Buried In The Earth Designed By Tadao Ando/A Pond Synchronizing 'Water-Lilies' By Claude Monet