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This café is located at Honmura area with 'Art House Project'. From a tasteful tatami-mat room, you can enjoy the calm view of Seto Inland Sea and delicious sweets and light meals.


Benesse House Museum harmonizing nature, art and architecture has a café on its 2nd floor. Some art works located around the terrace, you can enjoy the art and scenery of Seto Inland Sea at the same time.


A bakery opens in an old house at Naoshima. Their breads made from homemade yeast are simple but baked carefully and very tasty. I feel the effort for the ingredients. Let's eat freshly baked breads and go on the art travel!


A lovely airmail starts our lunch. Foodstuffs sent from European countries and grown locally in Setouchi region. And more, homemade foods such as cheese are all excellent pieces. The local chicken becomes delicious grill and Setouchi seafood becomes surprising pasta by hands of a chef who has cooked all over the world.


A curry and rice contains seafood caught the sea near Naoshima Island. That's the local island curry of seasonal seafood. This time, with a cheese topping, it become more delicious one.


There are many pictures displayed anywhere and drawn on walls. As soon as I enter, I admired the good taste of the interiors.


It's the scenery in only Seto Inland Sea. The café is in Chichu Art Museum, you can have a wonderful time after seeing the various arts!!


The rice seasoned by iriko, dried small fish, makes your heart warm. It was nice for lunch after walking around Naoshima Island. Pouring the stock soup of iriko as you like, you can eat more. I couldn't believe that it cooked by students, and I want eat again someday!


In Honmura area where House Projects gather. It's not like an old house but the genuine old house! Naoshima Island specialties are delicious to eat with the outside calm scenery. I wanted to support the dewy-eyed students managing here.


In front of the ferry terminal. With the beautiful Seto Inland Sea's scenery, I ate the freshly made takoyaki.


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