Foods & Restaurants In kagawa-gun#Photogenic

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by Photogenic to travel in kagawa-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


2 Foods & Restaurants [1-2]

Chichu Cafe

A CafeLike A Villa Viewing The Calm Seto Inland Sea

It's the scenery in only Seto Inland Sea. The cafeis in Chichu Art Museum, you can have a wonderful time after seeing the various arts!!

A Good Design Café Suitable For An Island Of Arts

There are many pictures displayed anywhere and drawn on walls. As soon as I enter, I admired the good taste of the interiors.

Naoshima Curry

A curry and rice contains seafood caught the sea near Naoshima Island. That's the local island curry of seasonal seafood. This time, with a cheese topping, it become more delicious one.

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