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Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by LocalSpecialties to travel in kagawa-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


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Wacafe Gu

A Café Of An Old House Managed By Students Of Kagawa University

In Honmura area where House Projects gather. It's not like an old house but the genuine old house! Naoshima Island specialties are delicious to eat with the outside calm scenery. I wanted to support the dewy-eyed students managing here.

Gu's Iriko Gohan Using Full Of Sanuki's Dried Small Fish

The rice seasoned by iriko, dried small fish, makes your heart warm. It was nice for lunch after walking around Naoshima Island. Pouring the stock soup of iriko as you like, you can eat more. I couldn't believe that it cooked by students, and I want eat again someday!

A Good Design Café Suitable For An Island Of Arts

There are many pictures displayed anywhere and drawn on walls. As soon as I enter, I admired the good taste of the interiors.

Naoshima Curry

A curry and rice contains seafood caught the sea near Naoshima Island. That's the local island curry of seasonal seafood. This time, with a cheese topping, it become more delicious one.

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