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Special Hotels & Ryokan characterized by interior to travel in kagawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


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Located in the top floor, you can see islands in Setouchi Sea, and flat mountain Yashima, a calm scenery. This hot spring containing high concentration of radon makes you warm to bones.


They are particular about the foodstuffs grown and consumed the same area. Quality foodstuffs are cooked beautifully by the chef's wonderful skills. It was the original Kaiseki, a Japanese style courses, of Hanajyukai.


Nice night view worthy of the special room. It's different from one of the big city, a healing shine you can enjoy.


From the two Japanese style rooms you can see the view of a city and the sea. Soaking in the Japanese cypress bathtub and tasting Kaiseki courses using the local quality foodstuffs. Only two groups can reserve these rooms.


The hotel stands nearest from the romantic angel road that appears at only low tide. You could see very near from the room and it's very attractive, isn't it?


Its lobby is modern and like a resort mood. When you take a sofa, you can see Sanuki Fuji mountains while enjoying a welcome drink.


High grade Sanuki beef grilled on a ceramic plate. It's soft meat is excellent with vegetables and sauce. You can enjoy Setouchi foodstuffs as a lunch kaiseki (a Japanese style of course) such as tai-shabu (slightly boiled sea bream).


Kotohira-kadan hotel has a separated room 'Enju-kaku' loved by Mori Ogai and you can have lunch there. It'll make you feel happiness to eat such a elegant lunch at a roomy and historical building.


The room named "Enjyukaku" is one of the rooms in the beautiful Japanese garden of this hotel. Literary figure Mori Ogai loved to stay here.


The room is luxury but also simple. So I feel very comfortable. My recommended position in the room is on the couch.


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