Foods & Restaurants In higashikagawa-shi#sweet

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by sweet to travel in higashikagawa-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


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Kamebishi Chaya

Only Here. 'Moromi Udon Noodle' Of The Old Say Sauce Shop

A long-established soy sauce shop 'Kamebishi' with an impressive red wall, you can eat Udon Noodle that is a specialty of Kagawa. Among many kinds of Sanuki Udon, they use the food called moromi, only the soy sauce shop can use, and prepare 'Moromi Udon'. It's the special one with the excellent collaboration of soy sauce, moromi and chewy udon noodle.

Mitarashi-Dango, Rice Balls Which Have a Strong Taste of Soy Sauce

Its soy sauce is storong and smells savory. With the organic houji-tea. You have to let your lunch be light for the big dango!