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Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in higashikagawa-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


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Café Nuberuposuto

Hiketa Old Post Office Wad Born Again To Be A Nostalgic Cafe

The building was built early in Syowa era. The light coming down from the window is also like that time of old atmosphere. During the time around opening, you can spend slowly.

Fascinating Nostalgia. A Café Of A Registered Tangible Cultural Property And A Former Post Office

Hiketa, known for a street of old stores and houses, is a port town and has many registered tangible cultural properties. Among them, Café Nuberuposuto is outstanding by its nostalgic atmosphere. You can feel relaxed with the retro flavor.


A Restaurant Crowded With Local People In Fishing Town Must Be Right. Sushi Of Sambonmatsu With Three Important Points

Sambonmatsu is a fishing town in eastern part of Kagawa Pref. Sushi and side dishes cooked by an attractive main chef are very good, although they are not so expensive. I can understand why it's crowded with local people. Attractive personality, taste and price, this popular sushi restaurant has these three important points.

Even Expensive Seafood!? 'Isshin-maki' Is Very Popular Rolled Sushi At An Old Fishery Town

I found the surprising rolled sushi 'Isshin-maki' at Sambonmatsu. Fresh, of course, gorgeous seafood such as tuna and sea urchin eggs in it! Very delicious and massive. I could understand why the regular customers ordered for take-out.

Kamebishi Chaya

Only Here. 'Moromi Udon Noodle' Of The Old Say Sauce Shop

A long-established soy sauce shop 'Kamebishi' with an impressive red wall, you can eat Udon Noodle that is a specialty of Kagawa. Among many kinds of Sanuki Udon, they use the food called moromi, only the soy sauce shop can use, and prepare 'Moromi Udon'. It's the special one with the excellent collaboration of soy sauce, moromi and chewy udon noodle.

Mitarashi-Dango, Rice Balls Which Have a Strong Taste of Soy Sauce

Its soy sauce is storong and smells savory. With the organic houji-tea. You have to let your lunch be light for the big dango!

Izakaya Umashino

Otsukuri Of Fresh Seafood Caught In The Sea Of Setouchi

The Sea of Setouchi spreads in front of your eyes. This is a fresh seafood and sake restaurant. I recommend so fresh and cut thick otsukuri (sashimi).



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