Foods & Restaurants In higashikagawa-shi

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in higashikagawa-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.



4 Foods & Restaurants [1-4]

Fascinating Nostalgia. A Café Of A Registered Tangible Cultural Property And A Former Post Office/
A Restaurant Crowded With Local People In Fishing Town Must Be Right. Sushi Of Sambonmatsu With Three Important Points/Even Expensive Seafood!? 'Isshin-maki' Is Very Popular Rolled Sushi At An Old Fishery Town
Only Here. 'Moromi Udon Noodle' Of The Old Say Sauce Shop/Mitarashi-Dango, Rice Balls Which Have a Strong Taste of Soy Sauce
Otsukuri Of Fresh Seafood Caught In The Sea Of Setouchi