Foods & Restaurants In kagawa#french

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by french to travel in kagawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

11 Foods & Restaurants [1-11]

Auberge de Oishi

◎A Moving Sunset Scenery Of Seto Inland Sea From A Private Terrace In A Guest Room

◎The Simple And Superb Room

◎Happy Morning And Breakfast You'll Never Forget

Bois et Dupont

◎Each Dish Is Moving! The Superlative French Of Chef Kiba Who has A Career In The World

◎A Great French Chef Mr.Kiba's Crème Brulee

◎A Living Legend, Mr. Kiba's French

Grill Yashima

◎Sanuki Local Specialty Meat, Olive Beef And Sanuki Yume Pork Appearing Together

◎French Dishes Using the Quality Foodstuffs Grown In Kagawa

◎A Lunch Course of Japanese and Western Dishes Using Sanuki-Grown Foodstuffs

Bistro Iori

◎Lunch Full Of The Island's Specialties At A French Bistro In A Small Isolated Ogi Island

Oberuju do Oishi

◎Delicious and Beautiful French Using Ingredients Grown in Sanuki

◎An Auberge at the Foot of Mt.Yashima

ALICE IN Takamatsu

◎French Cuisine With The Best View In Kagawa

◎A Yogurt Ice Cream With Sour-Sweet shodoshima Island Green Lemon

◎Beautiful French Dishes Of Setouch Seafood

Chez Rodo

◎A Villa Stands In A Bamboo Grove. A Secret French Restaurant In Sanuki

Bistro Espoir

◎An Omelet Of Foie Gras And Sanuki Kochin Chicken With Truffle Sauce


◎Creative French Dishes You Can Enjoy In A Historical House

◎A Nice French Restaurant Remodeled From A Historical Granary

Hayashi no Sanpo

◎Frenchi Dishes Of Sanuki Vegetables & Setouchi Fresh Seafood


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