Top Foods & Restaurants In kagawa#french

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by french to travel in kagawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Bois et Dupont

Each Dish Is Moving! The Superlative French Of Chef Kiba Who has A Career In The World

A French restaurant of chef Kiba who had improved his skills in overseas countries and worked for a long-established hotel. His superb cuisine provides us with something surprising or moving from start to end. This time, uncommon 'fresh' foie gras (not frozen at all)! Kagawa's pride French, when you come to Kagawa.

A Great French Chef Mr.Kiba's Crème Brulee

A nice caramelization with fruit and ice cream in season. All of them serve as a foil for each other and become a superb sweet crème brulee.

ALICE IN Takamatsu

French Cuisine With The Best View In Kagawa

Located 30th floor in the Takamastu symbol tower. Setouchi panoramic view with a beautiful contrast of blue, white and green. The view becomes one of the deliciousness. You should visit for lunch on the sunny day.

A Yogurt Ice Cream With Sour-Sweet shodoshima Island Green Lemon

The locally grown Shodoshima Island lemon as a soup, a yogurt ice cream and white chocolate mousse under the ice cream. The best dessert suitable for the heat of late summer in Kagawa.

Auberge de Oishi

A Moving Sunset Scenery Of Seto Inland Sea From A Private Terrace In A Guest Room

You can see from your room's terrace. I spent a time to see the setting sun with a cup of tea, the happiest time in my life.

The Simple And Superb Room

The room is luxury but also simple. So I feel very comfortable. My recommended position in the room is on the couch.

Oberuju do Oishi

Delicious and Beautiful French Using Ingredients Grown in Sanuki

The cuisines on a white plate is very beautiful. Most of it is light flavor for making the best use of original Sanuki ingredients. So, you can eat the beautiful Sanuki French cuisine such as Sanuki beef and vegetables.

An Auberge at the Foot of Mt.Yashima

The auberge surrounded by white walls at the foot of Mt.Yashima is a famous French restaurant and has calm resort mood.

Grill Yashima

Sanuki Local Specialty Meat, Olive Beef And Sanuki Yume Pork Appearing Together

Both are the local specialty. A delicious meat dish of roast and BBQ grill styles.

French Dishes Using the Quality Foodstuffs Grown In Kagawa

I think it's good for them to be particular about the quality foodstuffs. And because of a restaurant in a hotel, they act so elegantly thay you can enjoy dishes in a comfortable mood.

Bistro Iori

Lunch Full Of The Island's Specialties At A French Bistro In A Small Isolated Ogi Island

A lunch plate cooked by a chef who has experiences in Osaka is a kind of creative French of island's foodstuffs and seafood of Setouchi. It's a real but casual bistro suitable for Ogi-jima Island. Delicious and fashionable lunch makes your island journey perfect.

Chez Rodo

A Villa Stands In A Bamboo Grove. A Secret French Restaurant In Sanuki

A skilled chef cooks foodstuffs grown in Sanuki to turn into superb cuisines. And in such a surprising location, a comfortable and special time you could spend. It was like a secret salon of only mine.

Bistro Espoir

An Omelet Of Foie Gras And Sanuki Kochin Chicken With Truffle Sauce

I felt the chef's enthusiasm that was showed for this dish! Very delicious and gorgeous omelet. I was happy to share it with my friends.


Creative French Dishes You Can Enjoy In A Historical House

I visited here for the first time. Their creative and wonderful French dishes such as candy cabbages and a cherry blossom jelly for a dessert made me happy so much.

A Nice French Restaurant Remodeled From A Historical Granary

It looks like a historical Japanese house. Especially, the entrance is large and has power, but inside is remodeled to be a nice restaurant with chic mood. The guests will be surprised at its gap.

Hayashi no Sanpo

Frenchi Dishes Of Sanuki Vegetables & Setouchi Fresh Seafood

They pick the locally grown foodstuffs for French dishes. Suitable for people want to eat the specialties of Kagawa in except Japanese style. This picture is sea bream caught in Seto Inland Sea



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