Foods & Restaurants In kagawa#Photogenic

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by Photogenic to travel in kagawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.



42 Foods & Restaurants [1-30]

Italy? Kagawa? An Attractive Resort Cafe/A Café Time In Front Of The Clear Blue Setouchi Sea
Kama-age Udon Noodle In A Specially Big Tub For Share With Everybody/Udon Noodle Restaurant Of A Tasteful Japanese Old House
The Hamburger of Wild Game Grown in Mitoyo with Mango Sauce, So It's New Local Specialty Hamburger in Mitoyo!/The Specialty Tropical Fruits Grown in Mitoyo and Served at a Cafe Managed by a Small Farm
The Olive Pasta Made by Specialty Method 'Tenobe' which is Enchanted Texture and Eaten Only Here/The Original Drink with Island Fine View
Delicious Sunuki-Food Chicken with the Bone at Seaside Terrace/The Amazing Terrace You Can See One of 100 Selected Sunset Scenery in Japan
Fascinating Nostalgia. A Café Of A Registered Tangible Cultural Property And A Former Post Office/
The Masterpiece of the Museum and the Awesome View/Japanese Sweets 'Amamo' Imaged the Calm Seaside Museum
Each Dish Is Moving! The Superlative French Of Chef Kiba Who has A Career In The World/A Great French Chef Mr.Kiba's Crème Brulee
The Local Somen Noodle With A Difference! Tasty & Green Olive Somen/Scenic Restaurant You Can Eat The Specialty Of The Island
I Found in Nio! Open on Sunday and Holiday, a Lovely Resort Café/The Special Seats on the Veranda like Looking Down the Mediterranean
A Café Like A Villa Viewing The Calm Seto Inland Sea
Sanuki Lunch Of A Fish Dish As A Main And Homemade Focaccia/A Restaurant Like An Ancient Ruins
The Sophisticated Room and Original Dishes in Setonaikai National Park, Like a Secret Flower Park/The Magnificent Restaurant Having a Noh Stage as well as a Natural Garden with Meandering Stream
The Island's Sunlight Streams Into The Shell Structure, A Museum Café Like An Art
After All, I Like Here. A Scenic Restaurant For Calm Setouchi Blue/The Best Location You Can Take Your Time To See The Calm Sea And Make Yourself Comfortable
A Café Managed By Shiseido Parlour In Kompira Shrine, A Spiritual Power Spot
Want To Live Here! Scenic Café In A Detached House
An Old House Art Café Painted Camouflage Pattern/Teshima Island's Lemon Squash And A Camouflage Art Space
Japanese Sweets Working Well After Tasting The Specialty Udon Noodle/A Nice Japanese Café In A Tangible Cultural Property
A Mild Curry And Rice That Mothers In The Island Make/A Reborn Old House Restaurant On The Theme Of Food And Art
A Healing Café With the Building and Plates are All Wrapped By Wooden Warmth
Sanuki Besuke, A Conger Eel Dish
Café With A Panoramic View Of Shodoshima You'll Love At Once
Beautiful Chinese Dishes Made By A Chef Selected As A Contemporary Master Hand/Beijing Duck, a Masterpiece of a Contemporary Master-Hand
Kanzaki-ya Sauce Pasta/A Nice Harmony Between A Café And An Old Town In Busshozan
A Café Time Spending With A Setouchi Port View/A Café Where Arts, Design, Interiors, Music And Everything Merge
Blue Interiors Like In The Sea And The View From 20th Floor
Kushi-yaki Of The Locally Grown Vegetables And Wajyu, Olive Beef/A Retro And Fashionable Café Restaurant Renovated From Warehouse At A Port
A Dance of Beef Fillet and Creative Sushi Colaborated On the Goto Lacquer Plate Of Sanuki/Co-starring Japanese And Italian Representing Kagawa
Creative French Dishes You Can Enjoy In A Historical House/A Nice French Restaurant Remodeled From A Historical Granary